Ball pressure tester

Ball pressure tester

Product description:

Ball pressure tester
Basic introduction :
1, according to GB4706.1-2005, GB2099.1-2008, GB / T5159.21-2006, IEC60695-10-2: 2003 and other standards produced.
2, the ball pressure test is specified ball (R2.5mm) and total test force 20N ± 0.2N ball pressure tester, the pressure level in the state and was placed on the sample surface of the heating chamber in the test prescribed under temperature after 60min + 2min / 0min, will test fast ((10s) was immersed in 20 ℃ ± 5 ℃ water cooling 6min ± 2min, 3min taken within the measurement sample surface indentation diameter from the water, depending on whether the indentation diameter of more than 2mm to evaluate the thermal deformation test at the prescribed temperature .

Technical Parameters:

1, ball diameter : 5mm (R2.5mm)

2, the total test pressure : 20N ± 0.2N

3, the sample holder : diameter 50mm, length 100mm solid stainless steel cylinder

4, production of materials: All stainless steel

5, the reference standard : GB4706.1-2005, GB2099.1-2008, GB / T5159.21-2006, IEC60695-10-2: 2003