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IP4X test probe IEC61032 Test Probe D

IP4X test probe IEC61032 Test Probe D
  • IP4X test probe IEC61032 Test Probe D
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IP4X test probe | IEC61032 Figure 3 | Test probe D
Basic introduction :
1; according to GB / T4208-2008; IEC61032: 1997, IEC60529: 2001 and UL and other corresponding provisions made ​​.

Technical Parameters:
1, probe length : 100mm
2, probe diameter : 1mm
3, the stall ball diameter : 35mm
4, the handle diameter : 10mm
5, handle length : 100mm
6, according to IEC61032 Figure 4 (Test probe D), GB / T4208-2008 Table 6 ( first characteristic numeral 4/5/6 ) .
7. How to use: a joint portion as shown, the standard test finger can not touch live parts or not access to hazardous parts, and 35mm round bezel can not enter .
Prevent access to dangerous parts of the test requirements, C, D -type test probe with 3 ± 0.3NN need or 1 ± 0.1N thrust.
Note : Without thrust products with pushing or pulling force, please use .
8. Note: Please do not easily adjust thrust, for adjustment, use the resolution accuracy of at least 0.033N instrument C, D -type test probe calibration test probe due more precision machinery products, please use gently. put for safekeeping .
Top of the test probe may rust and attention to maintenance protection.