The total generation of direct marketing | magic duck Ducky 9008 S3 9087 S3 mechanical keyboard | Cherry shaft

The total generation of direct marketing | magic duck Ducky 9008 S3 9087 S3 mechanical keyboard | Cherry shaft

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Ducky / magic duck DK9008s3
  • Packaging volume: 521 * 178 * 61mm
  • Brand: Ducky / magic duck
  • Model: DK9008s3
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Whether mechanical keyboard: yes
  • Gross weight: 1.7 kg
  • Color Classification: Ducky 9087 white red axis S4 bicolor black tea axis shine3-generation white green axis shine3 generation of blue green axis shine3-generation black white red axis shine3-generation black white tea axis S4 color black black shaft S4 color black green axis shine3 yellow white black shaft shine3 white tea yellow tea axle shaft S4 Ducky 9087 blue color white color blue black shaft S4 white blue green axis shine3 generation of black light pink blue black shaft axis shine3 Generation Generation shine3 red pink light blue tea-axis shaft shine3 Generation
  • Whether to support Plug and Play: Support
  • Connection: Cable
  • Is there a multimedia function keys: None
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Whether to support ergonomics: Support
  • Have Satisfy: None
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Backlight effect: constant light, breathing light, wave marquees, marquees snake type, single-lit, back of the keyboard multi-function mode ripples adjustment function: 1 swap left Ctrl and CapsLock 2 Windows and Alt keys to shut down Windows swap 3 4 DEMO mode

Product Specifications

- Model: DK9008S3
- Origin: Taiwan
- Support Interface: USB
- Output number of keys: USB N-Key Rollover
- Printing: laser printing, UV coating
- Backlit number of segments: 7 (including off)
- Backlit areas: global, custom area
- The amount of memory available to store the backlight region: 2 groups (user-defined)
- Backlight effect: constant light, breathing light, wave marquees, snake marquees, single lit, ripple mode
- Multimedia shortcut keys: mute, decrease volume, increase the volume
- Accessories: dust cover, USB cable, pulling key device, WASD key caps, a user manual

Custom storage groups backlight Area Description
REC1 → Press the button to adjust the light-emitting region → REC1 (or Print Screen) → complete CM1 emitting region setting.
REC2 → Press the button to adjust the light-emitting region → REC2 (or Pause) → complete CM2 emitting region setting.

- When recording REC1, you can not specify the Print Screen luminous
- When recording REC2, you can not specify emitting Pause
- In recording mode, such as more than 30 seconds without any action, it automatically leaves the recording mode
- CM1 and CM2 mode mode, able to adjust the brightness

Four-way DIP switch on the back of the keyboard function
- Lock the Windows key
- Ctrl exchange places with CapsLock
- Windows key with the Alt key exchange position
- DEMO status
※ When DEMO state, as long as there is USB provides power source (such as a mobile power supply, USB charging cradle), lighting effects can show without a computer connected to the case (Caps, ScrLk, NumLk not light). However, this state could not be sent keyboard signal, so when connected to the computer is not operating properly, please note the status of the DIP switch

Shine 3 (DK9008 S3) continued Shine 2 (DK9008 S2) multicolor backlight effects and retain the 2 set of custom area backlighting. Lighting effects single lighting upgrade, add gradient delay effect, release the button after the start gradually eliminate more added ripple mode, so the interactive effect lighting upgrade. Shine spacebar added 3 three-color LED light effect, so that users can not only for the R (red), G (green), B (blue) color mixing individual adjustment also provides automatic display mode, add lighting effects mechanical keyboard in essence keyboard functions, switch-free, there's USB N-Key Rollover, but also in the USB interface can be adjusted separately Repeat Delay Time and Repeat Rate,