IEC60068-2-75 spring hammer

IEC60068-2-75 spring hammer

Product description:

Spring hammer
Basic introduction:

1, produced according to the corresponding provisions of IEC60068-2-75, GB / T2423.55-2006, GB4706.1, GB8898 and GB7000, IEC884 and UL1244, etc. is mainly used for household and similar electrical appliances test shell, joystick handles, knobs, lights and other housing affordability mechanical shocks.

2, the impact is made of stainless steel.

1) a single type of eight kinds: 0.14J spring hammer, 0.20J spring hammer, 0.35J spring hammer, 0.50J spring hammer, 0.70J spring hammer, 1.00J spring hammer, 1.50J spring hammer, 2.0 J spring hammer

Impact energy error

0.14J ± 0.014J

0.20J ± 0.020J

0.35J ± 0.03J

0.50J ± 0.04J

0.70J ± 0.05J

1.00J ± 0.05J

1.50J ± 0.07J

2.00J ± 0.08J
Universal type (six-speed): 0.14J, 0.20J, 0.35J, 0.50J, 0.70J, 1J Adjustable

Technical Parameters:

Length: 211mm

Weight: 1250g

Outside diameter: 50 mm

Hammer Weight: 60g

Hammerhead radius: 10mm

Shock components: including handle and the hammer hit ball; weight 250g; hammer made of white polyethylene imine first

The impact of the release force: less than 10N
Spring hammer Usage: According to the relevant standards fixed sample, select and test the impact energy position, pull the handle the impact of the operation until the 'clicking' sound, the impactor that is cocked the impactor perpendicular to the sample. surface and in contact therewith, push to release the impactor, impact tests on samples.
Spring hammer Caution
1. When not in use, the device should be in a released state.
2. The device has been calibrated, the adjustment will seriously affect its accuracy, disassemble the product as a waiver of Warranty Services.
3. After replacement or adjustment of the spring, the device subject to measurement department check before use.
4. This device is a precision instrument and should be handled with care to prevent falls.
5. storage conditions: temperature 5 ~ 35 ℃ desiccant box.
6. test, prevented the hammer is a sample bounce, forming several attacks.

8 different impact energy of spring hammer to choose from: spring hammer 0.14J, spring hammer 0.20J, spring hammer 0.35J, spring hammer 0.50J, spring hammer 0.70J, spring hammer 1.00J, spring hammer 1.50J, spring hammer 2.0J.