TONGREN horizontal rebar wire drawing machine | Collaboration for quality care

TONGREN horizontal rebar wire drawing machine | Collaboration for quality care

Product description:

Four-wire drawing machine

No accumulation of small flow into rivers, bujikuibu-free miles. Cost savings. Save energy responded to the national call is the inevitable trend in the development of the manufacturing industry in the future, gongyi city Xin sheng machinery limited company independent research and development of horizontal bars of four-wire drawing machines with a variety of functions, set the power saving. Province. Increase speed. Improve efficiency in one, play a role with ease, which marks another milestone in the construction equipment industry!

Through the efforts of Xinsheng technicians. Wire drawing machine After the adoption of energy-saving effect of energy-saving technologies, has the following improvements:
1, the biggest advantage is saving power is 45%;
2, greatly improved the power supply transformer's well-off, reduced installation area in order to install more equipment;
3 improve warm-up speed of greatly increased production;
4, reduce the plant's ventilation and cooling costs, barrel low surface temperature, improve and optimize the production site environment.
5.650-type continuous drawing reducer, supporting power 30KW electric motor with 500 kg of wire-rewinding machine, Rod traversing, stepless operation, energy saving and environmental protection.
6. improving the integration capabilities of the equipment, so as to reach the wire, wire drawing, rolling ribbed effect. Is truly a multi-purpose machines.

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