Aquaculture film | Ouchi impermeable membrane

Aquaculture film | Ouchi impermeable membrane

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Aquaculture film
Aquaculture dedicated film / / aquaculture film / / Tyan culture-specific membrane / / culture-specific membrane Use / / culture-specific membrane wholesale / / culture-specific membrane Uses and characteristics: First, the inside of the product outside the white and black, mainly used in summer and autumn, covering When the white side up, with a strong ability of reflected light, and black inward to prevent the penetration of light through, play a role in cooling shade, greenhouse temperature than other sheeting and mulch to reduce a lot of winter use black side out can dissipate heat above the cynicism, the thickness 90mic use 6-7 years. PEP saving black and white film, it can block in the white face and reflection shed most of infrared light (heat) to Pengwai radiation, and thus play a role in thermal insulation Third, PEP saving black and white film, inherited the Greek leadership in the three-tier co-extrusion technology (in 1983 began using three-tier co-extrusion technology to produce plastic sheeting) and 100% of technology transfer; fully mastered the three co-extruded technology; in each layer using different materials; the combination of these different material properties (advantage) is reflected in the final product tier co-extruded film, the widest reach 18 meters, the minimum thickness can be achieved 10MIC (1. wire). complete varieties can meet a variety of different customers, the most appropriate production of plastic sheeting (tailor-made recipe) Since a three-tier structure has a lower penetration than methane single layer film that allows green fodder fermentation fuller, more nutritious, life is also greatly enhanced compared to other products. Aquaculture dedicated film / / aquaculture film / / Tyan culture-specific membrane / / culture-specific membrane Use / / culture-specific membrane wholesale / / culture-specific membrane use
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Ouchi special impermeable membrane - China Ouchi impermeable membrane price exclusive supplier Geotechnical Materials Co., Ltd. Shandong Thai Ruiheng on October 12, 2010 Ouchi impermeable membrane dedicated professional manufacture, supply Ouchi special impermeable membrane price products, special Ouchi impermeable membrane price planting instructions and shallow water lotus Our people are now more popular good project, Ouchi impermeable building is an important problem, on the one hand does not pollute the environment, with a waterproof anti-leakage effect, other on the one hand simple construction, cost savings, according to many inspection and testing, decided to do Ouchi impermeable membrane to prevent water leakage at the end of the pool construction method more than this environmentally friendly cement pond impermeable membrane small investment, only about 3,000 yuan per mu, life up to 30 years. lower investment costs, then we can recover the cost, and can be profitable. Ouchi impermeable membrane impermeable achieve an investment income shallow water lotus planted many years. In addition, the use of anti- Ouchi osmosis membrane construction method flexible, can be on any flat surface construction, we do not want to kind of time can be removed at any time (also called 'mobile Ouchi').

Ouchi impermeable membrane non-toxic, non-polluting, water stop leakage, Ouchi impermeable membrane while a smaller proportion, extension of the strong ability to adapt to high deformation, corrosion resistance, low temperature, frost performance, and tensile good adhesion, is currently the most widely used water impermeable material and provide maximum assistance in other aquaculture projects seepage ponds, etc. used in artificial lake seepage geomembrane engineering, artificial lake water can be maintained without deterioration, to prevent the lake leaving the lake due to leakage becomes arid, while planting ornamental lotus artificial lake, thrive in the artificial lake, a blossoming of flowers, open more vivid, beautify the environment.

Physical and mechanical properties of shallow water lotus planting Ouchi Ouchi impermeable construction on the use of special film, the impermeable membrane tensile, tear, bursting and other indicators of high, the product has high strength, good elongation properties, deformation modulus, acid, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-seepage performance characteristics, is the people we choose to build the best Ouchi impermeable waterproof impermeable material, Ouchi Ouchi impermeable to use special impermeable membrane, can be moved The Ouchi.

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