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[Tuwen] Beijing for landscape artificial lake geomembrane geomembrane construction

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Supply artificial lake (two cloth one film | geomembrane)
Artificial lake and lake landscape lake seepage model commonly Geomembrane 500 g, 700 g and 1000 g, of course, the need to hydrostatic pressure within the maximum water level of the artificial lake geomembrane depth and to select more suitable geomembrane model.
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First of landfill closure process; and second, the geomembrane laying in the garbage, and then covered with a layer of clay, but also planting vegetation, which prevents odor exudes, but also help restore the ecological landfill; Third, do the work of leachate collection and treatment. ecological treatment, the Northern Bridge landfill site to be built green park, so that there would be no negative impact on the surrounding environment of the. '

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