Product description:

Rui Heng GCL waterproof blanket

Rui Heng GCL waterproof blanket 'is a layer of high swelling sodium bentonite geomembrane or geotextile outside the complex, environmental protection and ecological composite impermeable material by needling or method of stitching. Good overall performance, tensile and high shear strength, middle sealed impermeable bentonite An inorganic material, highly expanded water capacity hydration, travel impervious impermeable body gel, but such bentonite also store water production, its absorption, moisture content up to 10 times its own weight, with a permanent waterproof performance. Mainly used in environmental engineering waste landfill, underground reservoirs, underground infrastructure construction projects to address the seal, isolation, anti-leakage problem , the effect is good, strong anti-destructive.

Rui Heng waterproof blanket performance: sodium bentonite waterproof blanket for the waterproofing, it can be used alone, but also with HDPE geomembrane or other impermeable body combination.

1. compactness: sodium bentonite state formed under pressure diaphragm impermeable high-density gel, water permeability at a thickness of about 6mm to & * 10ˉ11m / sec or less, equivalent to 100 times the density of 30cm thickness of clay, having strong self-protection water performance.
2. With a permanent waterproof performance: Because sodium bentonite-based natural inorganic material, even after a very long time or the surrounding environment changes, aging or corrosion will not occur, and therefore durable waterproof performance.
3. Laying without temperature influence: in wet, freezing and thawing without reducing the anti-seepage effect, under cold weather conditions are not brittle fracture.
4. Waterproof blanket Integration: sodium bentonite water, with 20 to 28 times the capacity expansion, even if the concrete structure to vibrate and settlement, GCL bentonite can repair cracks in the concrete surface within 2mm.
5. Green: Bentonite is a natural inorganic material, the reaction does not occur aging, durability, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-toxic harmless, no particular impact on the environment, with good environmental performance applicable to municipal. , landfill, water conservancy, environmental protection, artificial lake and building underground water, seepage Not suitable for strong acids, strong alkaline solution seepage.
6. Construction of quick and easy, primary processing requirements low, the material itself is a flexible membrane, it can be laid according to the actual needs of the site in any crop, material joints, as the site live lap 30 ~ 50cm and evenly sprinkle with 0.4 to 0.6 at the overlap kg / m of bentonite powder seepage effect can be achieved without professional construction personnel and professional construction machinery.