Supply Changchun municipal regulations laying drainage board Square

Supply Changchun municipal regulations laying drainage board Square

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Brand: Thai Ruiheng licensing models: 2 cm drainage board
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Changchun municipal plaza regulations laying drainage board

(One Triple Wu <135> Zero Wu wantonly Ba (0548) Zero Wu Jiu Lu (0586)) laying drainage board rules:

1. Clean the laying site of rubbish, cement leveling, so there is no obvious bump at the scene, outdoor garage roof and roof garden need to find the slope of 2-5 ‰.

2. green roofs and outdoor garage roof greening can be equipped with porous tube use, so can drain water discharged into a local focus under the water or near the city sewer.

3. Basement floor seepage water, based on the top floor overhead, that is, before doing the floor drain is to do one round projections downward, left around the blind ditch, able to come up groundwater, seepage from

Ran around the blind ditch flows into the drain through space, and then through the blind ditch into the sump.


Interior basement seepage water; can be laid on the building the body wall drainage board; round projections for the main wall; drainage board outside and then a layer of single-wall or assemble steel mesh powder cement to protect the drainage board

So that the outside wall of water seepage board space vertical blind ditch directly caused by lower flows into the sump.


In any lot laying drainage board, must be careful not to let dirt, cement, sand and other rubbish into positive space drainage board, drainage board to ensure the smooth flow of space.


When laying drainage board as good protection measures; levels or outdoor garage laying drainage board should backfill work in a timely manner as soon as possible; prevent large wind in laying drainage board affect quality; land

Lower chamber and interior walls waterproof protective layer to do as soon as possible to prevent drainage board is destroyed or things.


Backfill is clayey; the need to lay geotextile 3-5 cm above the sand is ideal; favor geotextile filtration; as backfill is a nutritive soil or light soil would no longer need to lay

A layer of sand, the soil itself is very loose very easy drainage.


In laying drainage board side and the right side to take the next 1-2 fulcrum; also can touch the floor two together; above the use of geotextile overlap; as long as they do not enter the soil drainage channels on the drainage board

You can keep the drainage flow.

Build drainage board both sparse and collect rainwater drain bidirectional capability, large displacement water discharge. Geotextiles used together in combination, to avoid clogging of drainage channels fine particulate substrate to maintain smooth drainage and air circulation, so as to form a complete, the new combination Filter build drainage system is a good alternative to traditional water treatment materials.

Product Features: water index: normal water per square) 4 kg, according to Hamburg, Germany, a company specializing in green roof systems RAIN test temperature of 20 degrees -27 degrees Celsius and humidity of 80%, the capillary water supply system to provide a thin layer of green water for ten days. .

Compressive strength: 580kpa, can carry more than 3.0m Graders Trees planting system loads.

Product Weather resistance: can be used normally at -60 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius.

Anti-aging life: material is a modified PP, it is difficult to break down substances more than 50 years.

Color: black, grass green, dark green can be customized according to customer requirements.

Application: roof garden, garage roof, golf courses, public buildings, squares, parks and other green road projects.

Advantages: Drainage uniform, improving drainage effect, reserve green water, large water reserves, regulating water supply, heat moisture, water and energy conservation, soil permeability, and is conducive to the fabric to absorb oxygen and moisture, large capacity, load light , simple construction, lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly.