Supply Jinzhou municipal plaza drainage board laying method

Supply Jinzhou municipal plaza drainage board laying method

Product description:

Brand: Thai Ruiheng licensing models: 2 cm drainage board
Detailed description:
Jinzhou municipal plaza drainage board laying method

(One Triple Wu <135> Zero Wu wantonly Ba (0548) Zero Wu Jiu Lu (0586)) We specialize in the production of municipal plaza drainage board, detailed price can consult Tai'an City Rui Heng drainage board manufacturers, if you have nay questions about municipal plaza drainage board construction and procurement, please further contact with our company for more information municipal plaza drainage board Technical indicators method laying drainage board, drainage board prices.

Plastic drainage board materials high-impact polystyrene, high density polyethylene, is difficult to break down plastic, as sandwich construction, the decomposition of more than 100 years. For underground works in the roof or a green roof, high compressive strength, load light compared with the conventional process, the drain and geotextile composite, with drainage, waterproof, breathable, moisture, every root and other functions in one set. for thermal insulation roof or floor of underground works, the more drainage board a pointing make the building surface layer and the structural layer is formed between the pores, a moisture barrier, drainage, insulation and other functions. Product size edge fulcrum, Longitudinal overlap each other, can be discharged in water leakage, construction and transportation simple and convenient.

Drainage board features:

Good drainage system for normal use and life cycle of civil construction and structures play an important role .HW type Drainage Board porous tubes dewater an effective drainage system

Systems, long and short cylindrical drainage plate and geotextiles to form a drainage system, to form a water seepage, water and drainage systems.

Drainage Board Applications:

Garden projects: garage roof greening; roof garden; soccer fields; golf; beach project

Municipal engineering: road embankment, subway tunnels

Building project: building the basis of the upper or lower; basement and outside walls; roof and insulation and other impermeable

Traffic Engineering: roads, railway embankment, dams and slope protection ..