Supply Chaoyang municipal square plastic drainage board manufacturers how to lay drainage board?

Supply Chaoyang municipal square plastic drainage board manufacturers how to lay drainage board?

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Brand: Thai Ruiheng licensing models: 2 cm drainage board
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Chaoyang municipal square plastic drainage board manufacturers how to lay drainage board?

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Drainage board; plastic drainage board; landscaping drainage board; build drainage board; water board; green roof drainage board; geomembrane; geotextile is mainly used for transportation projects: roads, railway material basis of the upper or lower, basement exterior wall body, roofing seepage, drainage and insulation.

Plastic drainage board before laying the preparatory work and how laying, laying drainage board construction steps and rules:

1. Clean the laying site of rubbish, cement leveling, so there is no obvious bump at the scene, outdoor garage roof and roof flower

Park needs to find the slope of 2-5 ‰.

2. green roofs and outdoor garage roof greening can be equipped with porous tube use, so can drain water discharged into a local focus under the water or near the city sewer.

3. Basement floor seepage water, based on the top floor overhead, that is, before doing the floor drain is to do one round projections downward, left around the blind ditch, groundwater up the mountain, through natural seepage inflow drainage board space around the blind ditch, and then through the blind ditch into the sump.


Interior basement seepage water, the body can be laid on the building wall drainage board, round projections for the main walls, drainage board outside and then a layer of single-wall or assemble steel mesh powder cement to protect the drainage board, so that the outside wall seepage board space vertical blind ditch directly caused by lower flows into the sump.


In any lot laying drainage board, must be careful not to let dirt, cement, sand and other rubbish into positive space drainage board, drainage board to ensure the smooth flow of space.


When do the protective measures as laying drainage board, the level or outdoor garage laying drainage board should work in a timely manner as soon as backfill, to prevent large wind tangled laying drainage board affect quality; basement and interior walls waterproof protective layer to do as soon as possible, prevent drainage board is destroyed or things.


Backfill is clayey; the need to lay geotextile 3-5 cm above the sand is ideal; favor geotextile filtration; as backfill is a nutritive soil or light soil would no longer need to lay

A layer of sand, the soil itself is very loose very easy drainage.


Good drainage system for normal use and life cycle of civil construction and structures play an important role. Drainage Board Drainage Board porous tubes dewater an effective drainage system, long and short cylindrical drainage plate and non-woven fabric the formation of a drainage system, thus forming a water seepage, water and drainage functions.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) made, coupled with a layer of non-woven surface, double-sided drainage board boss thus formed having the dual function of water and drainage, water storage function compared with LC-H20 drainage board more Great, better drainage, it is especially suitable for drought, high temperature area green roofs.


With tight urban ecological environmental awareness and urban land development resources; there is a growing emphasis on the development and utilization of underground buildings and green roof; underground construction and roofing applications are increasingly diverse; in order not to reduce urban green area; underground construction roof and roof overburden planting; To ensure the normal use function underground construction and roof planted; importance of engineering quality