Why is the supply of new coastal seawater farmers choose Rui Heng impermeable membrane?

Why is the supply of new coastal seawater farmers choose Rui Heng impermeable membrane?

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Brand: Thai Ruiheng Brand Model: 0.5mm geomembrane
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The new coastal seawater farmers Why choose Rui Heng impermeable membrane?

Applications Rui Heng brand culture film very broad; aquaculture with tensile membrane; impact; high tear strength; and the characteristics of high hydrostatic pressure; with acid corrosion; anti-microbial properties of erosion and seepage good characteristics (135 Ma Zhen 0586 0548 spring) HDPE impermeable membrane is also known as high-density polyethylene film; HDPE geomembrane; English name for 'High




membrane ', referred to as' HDPE impermeable membrane' used in aquaculture ponds or membrane covering the entire bottom, you can make the bottom with water completely separated, for high and low shrimp ponds leak-proof, viral contamination, antimicrobial erosion has a significant effect. As aquaculture film is smooth, not only disinfection, convenient dredging, and also help prevent the spread of the pathogen bottom, shorten clean up the bottom of ponds and pond drying time, seven days after stocking gutter can be enhanced to support made a few shrimp, shrimp reduce costs.

Rui Heng advantage of aquaculture film:

1. Aquaculture film without dealkalization without disinfection. (Aquaculture film itself is non-toxic, environmentally friendly impermeable material)

2. The cost is lower than the cement pond farming costs doubled (low cost built pool, pool construction speed)

3. Aquaculture film smoother than concrete ponds, farmed fish belly is not damaged. (Fish it more healthy)

Principle 4. Aquaculture film: (1) Black opaque; inhibited the growth of grass under the bottom; do not worry about damage to film the grass upward arch; (2) a black film can insulation, can improve breeding temperature.

Aquaculture film 5. Selection 0.5mm specifications, very strong, very hard, we Shredded then straining tear tear are not bad, unless cut with scissors, the quality is very good.

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, HDPE impermeable membrane as a new material with excellent anti-seepage, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability.