Supply Taian Bentonite waterproof blanket factory | GCL bentonite waterproof pad Price

Supply Taian Bentonite waterproof blanket factory | GCL bentonite waterproof pad Price

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Brand: Thai Ruiheng Brand Model: 1.5mm geomembrane
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Taian waterproof blanket manufacturers | GCL bentonite waterproof pad price | Taian GCL how much money

(135 Ma Zhen 0586 0548 spring) national professional geomembrane, waterproof blanket, geotextile manufacturer, to provide you with geomembrane laying geomembrane construction - China geomembrane manufacturers - Rui Heng cards are widely used geomembrane in artificial lake seepage, landfill impermeable reservoir area, river seepage, chemical cesspool seepage, aquaculture pond seepage tank foundation seepage, landfill closure seepage, tailings dam slag seepage sedimentation tank seepage, oilfield wellhead water seepage, saltworks sun bittern pool seepage, aquaculture and other seepage control project, waterproof blanket Features: High cost performance, use very extensive product range up to 6 meters. greatly improve the efficiency of construction.

Waterproof blanket Scope and application conditions: for municipal (landfill), water conservancy, environmental protection, artificial lake and building underground water, seepage under the traditional construction waterproof materials can not be a negative temperature (-20 ℃) ​​still construction. ; in damp grass (no clear water) construction is also available; in the rain and snow, not construction; not suitable strong acid, strong alkaline solution seepage; Since bentonite-based inorganic material, so its durability is better than organic waterproof material.

Waterproof blanket application of new technology has brought tremendous social value in environmental landfill seepage Taian waterproof blanket |. Taian waterproof blanket price | Taian GCL how much money