Supply HDPE geomembrane landfill geomembrane 1.5mm how much a square meter price?

Supply HDPE geomembrane landfill geomembrane 1.5mm how much a square meter price?

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Brand: Thai Ruiheng Brand Model: 1.5mm geomembrane
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A geomembrane performance characteristics:

Geomembrane is an anti-leakage material polymer as the basic raw material whose main function is to prevent the leakage of volatile liquids and gases Second, geomembrane applications..:

Geomembrane role in geotechnical engineering mainly impermeable and isolation, but also play a major role in strengthening and protection applications: dam, rockfill dam, masonry dam, concrete dam, tailings dam, water road, rail foundations seepage etc; subways, basements and tunnels impermeable lining; reservoir dam and reservoir area, channels, build projects such as impermeable liquid pool.

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