Supply (Photo) Changchun geomembrane - Heng Rui geomembrane price

Supply (Photo) Changchun geomembrane - Heng Rui geomembrane price

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Brand: Thai Ruiheng geomembrane Model: 0.8mm geomembrane
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(Photo) Changchun geomembrane

- Rui Heng geomembrane price

(Mazhen Quan) (One Triple Wu <135> Zero Wu wantonly Ba (0548) Zero Wu Jiu Lu (0586)) Tai'an City Rui Heng geotextile material Ltd. mainly produces: artificial lake landscape lake impermeable material, garden water impermeable material, Rui Heng brand geomembrane, Rui Heng brand waterproof blanket Rui Heng brand geomembrane, Rui Heng brand impermeable membrane, Rui Heng brand Geomembrane, Rui Heng brand HDPE geomembrane, Rui Heng brand HDPE impermeable membrane, HDPE membrane, Rui Heng brand two cloth one film, a cloth membrane; Rui Heng brand waterproof blanket, GCL waterproof blanket, Rui Heng brand waterproof liner, Rui Heng brand waterproof pad, waterproof blanket; Rui Heng brand plastic geogrid, Rui Heng brand polyester geogrid, Switzerland Constant brand Plastic Geogrid, Rui Heng brand fiberglass geogrid; Rui Heng brand geotextile composite geotextile, Rui Heng brand impervious geotextile, woven geotextile, nonwoven geotextile; Rui Heng brand plastic drain board, build drainage board; GCL expansive soil mat, Rui Heng brand geotextile mat, Rui Heng brand blind ditch, Rui Heng brand composite drainage network, soft water pipe and other geotechnical materials Thai Ruiheng brand products are mainly used in artificial Lakers workers. seepage wetlands, sewage treatment plant seepage, canal seepage water conservancy, power plant ash dam seepage, landfill bottom seepage engineering, tailings dam seepage, landfill intermediate cover stormwater diversion infrastructure areas. Ruiheng brand geomembrane high mechanical strength and higher variations adaptability • Rui Heng brand geomembrane strong anti-chemical corrosion. • Rui Heng brand geomembrane waterproofing effect is remarkable.

• Rui Heng brand geomembrane long service life. • Rui Heng brand geomembrane non-toxic and environmentally friendly.