Supply Beijing factory direct composite geomembrane composite geomembrane products

Supply Beijing factory direct composite geomembrane composite geomembrane products

Product description:

Brand: Thai Ruiheng Brand Model: 1.5mm geomembrane
Detailed description:

Beijing geomembrane geomembrane factory direct products | composite geomembrane laying welding (135 Ma Zhen 0586 0548 spring) national professional geomembrane, waterproof blanket, geotextile manufacturer, to provide you with geomembrane. laying geomembrane construction - China geomembrane manufacturers - Rui Heng cards are widely used in artificial lake seepage geomembrane, landfill impermeable reservoir area, river seepage, chemical cesspool seepage, aquaculture pond seepage, oil tank foundation seepage, landfill closure seepage, tailings dam seepage residue field sedimentation tank seepage, oilfield wellhead water seepage, saltworks sun bittern pool seepage, aquaculture and other seepage control.

Geomembrane tensile, tear, bursting high mechanical strength, puncture.

Geomembrane with impermeable plastic film as a substrate; and non-woven geotextile composite made of impermeable material; its performance depends on impervious impermeable plastic film performance; polyethylene (PE) is a polymer Chemical flexible material, the proportion of small, strong extension, the ability to adapt to high deformation, corrosion resistance, low temperature, frost performance.

Geomembrane Features

1, the width of 4-6 meters.

2, the use of composite geomembrane and traditional cloth, compared to use of membrane separation and improve the use of effects, saving engineering time.

3, good anti-aging properties, such as the use of lay buried, longer life, up to 50 - 70 years to adapt to a wide range of ambient temperature -60- + 60 degrees

4, water pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, wear resistance, low temperature, non-toxic, good surface drainage features, good anti-seepage effect.

5; high puncture strength; friction coefficient

The main purpose of geomembrane

Suitable for river dams, hydraulic tunnel, drainage library impermeable, metallurgical and chemical pollution, construction, transportation, environmental protection and other projects.