Supply artificial lake waterproof blanket laying construction program

Supply artificial lake waterproof blanket laying construction program

Product description:

Brand: Thai Ruiheng Brand Model: 1.5mm geomembrane
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Artificial lake waterproof blanket laying construction program | wetland seepage manufacturers - Tai'an City Rui Heng geomembrane (135 Ma Zhen 0586 0548 spring) national professional geomembrane, waterproof blanket, geotextile manufacturer for you provide geomembrane laying geomembrane construction - China geomembrane manufacturers - Rui Heng cards are widely used in artificial lake seepage geomembrane, landfill impermeable reservoir area, river seepage, chemical cesspool seepage, anti-aquaculture pond seepage, tank foundation seepage, landfill closure seepage, tailings dam seepage residue field sedimentation tank seepage, oilfield wellhead water seepage, saltworks sun bittern pool seepage, aquaculture and other seepage control.

HDPE geomembrane with excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance

, A large temperature range (-60- + 60) and a longer service life

(50 years)


1, environmental sanitation projects (such as solid waste landfills; sewage treatment plant; toxic and hazardous material disposal sites; storage of dangerous goods; factories, etc.)

2, water conservancy and civil engineering (river / lake / reservoir / dam seepage; plugging; reinforcement; drainage of seepage; vertical heart wall; slope protection, etc.)

3, Municipal Engineering (subway; underground engineering and building roof tanks; roof garden seepage; sewage pipe lining, etc.)

4, landscaping (artificial lakes; ponds; golf course pond underlay; slope protection, etc.) national professional impermeable membrane; HDPE impermeable membrane; LDPE impervious membrane; geomembrane; waterproof blanket; geotextiles suppliers; To provide you with impermeable membrane laying; impermeable membrane construction professional production geomembrane; Geomembrane; waterproof blanket; HDPE geomembrane; geomembrane; swelling waterproof blanket is mainly used in artificial lakes; landfill; the river seepage and yard chemicals seepage engineering