Supply 600 grams of geomembrane price 9 yuan / square meter national seepage

Supply 600 grams of geomembrane price 9 yuan / square meter national seepage

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Brand: Thai Ruiheng Brand Model: 1.5mm geomembrane
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600 grams of geomembrane price 9 yuan / square meter supply nationwide | Tyan geomembrane manufacturers - composite geomembrane tensile; tearing; bursting; high mechanical strength puncture; geotextile composite geomembrane is made (the length of wire needle thorn geotextile fabric; woven geotextile; plastic woven fabric, etc.) and polymer materials (HDPE film; LDPE film; EVA film) of two or more materials through rolling, hot-melt composite made of geosynthetics.

(135 Ma Zhen 0586 0548 spring) national professional geomembrane, waterproof blanket, geotextile manufacturer, to provide you with geomembrane laying geomembrane construction - China geomembrane manufacturers - Rui Heng cards are widely used geomembrane in artificial lake seepage, landfill impermeable reservoir area, river seepage, chemical cesspool seepage, aquaculture pond seepage tank foundation seepage, landfill closure seepage, tailings dam slag seepage sedimentation tank seepage, oilfield wellhead water seepage, saltworks sun bittern pool seepage, aquaculture and other seepage control.


• Our company accumulated more than ten years experience in the production of composite geomembrane, length and width similar products to solve the uneven thickness non-uniformity, a composite produced many holes and other defects, the factory every piece products have undergone rigorous testing, the product maximize its role in engineering applications.

• Our company has developed into both calendering, thermal compound two processes of production enterprises, reached seven meters wide, compared with the narrow range of similar products, reducing the joints, reducing the project cost and shorten the construction period, but it will also reduce the risks due to joint misconduct caused.

• Geomembrane with geotextile instead of granular materials as a geomembrane layer of protection to protect the geomembrane layer from damage, reducing the cushion particle size grading requirements, and can play the role of drainage.

• geomembrane friction coefficient, can prevent slippage overlay than pure HDPE film, geomembrane woven fabrics have a greater coefficient of friction, geomembrane allows slope ratio increases to reduce the footprint.

• geomembrane tensile, tear, bursting high mechanical strength, puncture.

• geomembrane have a certain amount of deformation, stress relief bottom cushion defect resulting dispersion passed faster, stronger resilience.

Geomembrane because of its good surface drainage, high mechanical strength and excellent anti-seepage feature tensile, tear, bursting, puncture characteristics.

Shandong composite geomembrane width of 6 m | 600 克 geomembrane price of 9 yuan / square meter | Tyan geomembrane manufacturers.