Product description:

Impermeable membrane characteristics
Kim Chi brand impermeable membrane made of high quality polyethylene virgin resin, mainly composed of 97.5% high density polyethylene, about 2.5% of carbon black, anti-aging agents, antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers and stabilizer materials, with Currently the world's most advanced German automatic impermeable membrane production equipment, the three-layer coextrusion blow molding technology. All products are based on US GRI standards and ASTM test standards, complete specifications, impermeable membrane thickness 0.20mm- 2.0mm, width 4m-12m, HDPE impermeable membrane as a new material with excellent anti-seepage, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, widely used in environmental landfill seepage, seepage water conservancy, garden Department of artificial lake seepage, tank seepage petrochemical, mining tailings dam seepage, salt industry, aquaculture and other seepage control.
Notable features of impermeable membrane

Geotextile main technical indicators: (in line with national standards for geotextiles GB / T17638-1998)

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