Lake impervious geomembrane

Lake impervious geomembrane

Product description:

Published: 2012-6-30
Product description:

Geomembrane is polyethylene resin adds a certain proportion of carbon black mother, antioxidant, antioxidants and UV absorbers, stabilizers, such as blow molding, new waterproof building materials for seepage control moisture. HDPE Geomembrane is a new type of seepage, corrosion-resistant materials, are widely applied in seepage control engineering anti-corrosion requirements. Using high quality high density polyethylene Virgin resin, mainly composed of 97.5% of high density polyethylene.About 2.5% of carbon black, tiny amounts of antioxidants and stabilizers, ageing resistant materials, UV absorber without the use of other additives, fillers and expansive agent, made of three-layer coextrusion technology. The resin used is designed for flexible Geomembranes Applications made of Virgin polyethylene resin. Experts on the construction of impermeable membrane field test results show that HDPE Geomembranes The performance indicators have reached or exceeded the GRI-GM13
Geomembrane product categories: geo-membrane; Impermeable membrane; HDPE geomembrane; HDPE geomembrane (HDPE anti-seepage membrane)
LDPE geomembrane (low density polyethylene geomembrane), impervious geomembrane, EVA geomembrane.
Geomembrane product performance: meets Standard GB/T17643-1998 And the The Ministry of construction (CJ/T234-2006) standard .
Geomembrane applications:
1, HDPE geomembrane applies to environmental engineering: waste landfill; Sewage treatment plant; Regulating reservoir of power plants; Industry; Of hospital solid waste landfills;
2, LDPE geomembrane for water: rivers and Lakes reservoir dam seepage control of Canal engineering level;
3, HDPE anti-seepage membrane in municipal engineering: Metro; Underground garage; The roof garden; Sewer seepage;
4, HDPE impervious geomembrane for garden project: artificial lake; River; Golf course reservoir;
5, HDPE geomembrane for petrochemical: refinery tanks impervious; Pool chemical reactions; Settling pond liners; Secondary lining;
6, HDPE geomembrane for mining: heap leaching pools; Dissolved pools; Settling pond; The bottom lining seepage of tailings;
7, LDPE polyethylene geotechnical membrane transport installations: road Foundation reinforcement, culvert impervious;
8, and LDPE geomembranes for agriculture: the reservoir; Drinking water pool; Water storage ponds; Seepage control of irrigation systems;
9, HDPE membrane applied aquaculture: aquaculture; Fish ponds; Shrimp pond liners; Sea cucumbers circle revetment etc;
10, HDPE polyethylene geomembranes for salt: salt crystallization ponds, halogen pool thatch, salt membrane.
Geomembrane specifications:
Width 0.2-2.0mm thickness: 6000-4500mm

Select rattan HDPE geomembrane nine reasons?

1; Cutoff rate high-rattan HDPE geomembrane with common waterproof materials can not match anti-seepage effect; With high strength tensile mechanical; Its excellent elasticity and deformation ability makes it very suitable for expansion or contraction base; Can be effectively overcome the uneven subsidence of surface; Water vapour permeability coefficient k (=1.0* cm2. s.PA;

2, – rattan HDPE geomembrane chemical stability has excellent chemical stability, are widely used in wastewater treatment, chemical reaction pond, garbage landfill. High and low temperature resistance, resistance of asphalt, tar and oil, acid, alkali, salt more than 80 kinds of strong acid strong alkali chemical corrosion;

3; Aging resistance-the rattan has excellent resistance to ageing of HDPE geomembrane; UV-resistant; Ability to resist decomposition; Can be used in exposed; Material service life up to 50-70; Cutoff for the environment provides good material guarantees;

4; Plant root-resistant – rattan HDPE geomembrane with excellent puncture resistance; Resistant to most plant roots; Widely used for roof insulation layer;

5; High mechanical strength – rattan HDPE geomembrane has good mechanical strength; Breaking tensile strength 28MP; Elongation at 700%;

6; Low cost high benefit-the rattan HDPE geomembrane using new technology to improve the seepage effect; But more scientific production; Speed-Jie; So product costs less than traditional waterproof materials; Practical calculation of HDPE anti-seepage membrane engineering cost about 50%;

7; Construction speed-the rattan HDPE geomembranes have higher flexibility; There are several standard multiple-ply form to meet the requirements of different seepage; Use of hot-melt welding; High weld strength; Easy construction; Rapid and healthy;

8; Environmental protection with no toxicity – adopted on rattan HDPE geomembrane materials are toxic environmental materials; Principle of seepage is a common physical change; Does not produce any harmful substances; Are environmentally friendly; Breeding; Best choice for drinking water pool;

9, weld effect-the rattan HDPE geomembrane using special welding machine welding is very good, the strength is greater than the strength of the base material, and ease of construction.