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Sodium bentonite waterproof blanket | GCL clay liner

Sodium bentonite waterproof blanket | GCL clay liner
  • Sodium bentonite waterproof blanket | GCL clay liner
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Rui Heng brand waterproof blanket designed for water features artificial lakes, landfills, underground garage, roof garden, pool, yard chemicals, oil depots and other anti-seepage geotextile material, which is composed of a layer of sodium or calcium bentonite particles fabric outer casing workers, environmental protection and ecological composite impermeable membrane is made by needling or stitching method of product structure: the upper non-woven fabric, intermediate impermeable sodium bentonite, the lower textile material by high swelling sodium bentonite filling between special warp geotextile and non-woven geotextile, with a needle into the legal system of waterproof blanket can form many small fiber space, so not as bentonite particles flow in one direction, the case After the water formed in the pad swelling uniform high density gel waterproof layer, high-density expansion of bentonite colloids have formed water-repellent properties, it can effectively prevent water leakage, good anti-leakage effect, strong anti-destructive .
Rui Heng brand waterproof blanket in the market is also known as: Bentonite waterproofing pad; GCL waterproof blanket; waterproof blanket; GCL waterproof pad, sodium bentonite waterproof blanket (mat) or geotextile polymeric clay liner.
Rui Heng brand waterproof blanket width up to 6M, length 30 m roll.
Rui Heng brand waterproof blanket features
1. Compactness: GCL dense, impermeable waterproof performance, dense gel membrane impermeable layer is formed in a directional pressure state, the seepage capacity of 100 times the density of 30cm thickness of clay, with a strong self-protection water performance.
2. With a permanent waterproof performance: Because sodium bentonite-based natural inorganic material, even after a very long time or the surrounding environment changes, aging or corrosion will not occur, and therefore durable waterproof performance.
3. The construction is simple, short construction period: and other waterproof materials, the construction is relatively simple, no welding, just use bentonite powder and nails, washers, etc. are connected and fixed, particularly blankets and waterproof connection pipe or around the building than geomembrane simple and seal seams can easily be guaranteed. No special inspection after construction, and if found defective water is also easy to repair.
4. Green: excellent green environmental performance, Bentonite is a natural inorganic material, harmless to humans and the environment, good health and safety performance, with good environmental performance.

Rui Heng brand waterproof blanket application:
1, underground engineering municipal engineering, subway, buildings and roof reservoir seepage.
2, environmental sanitation, solid waste landfills, sewage treatment plants, industrial waste.
3, water, rivers, lakes and reservoirs dam seepage, sealing, reinforcement.
4, garden artificial lake seepage and other golf course pond.
5, petrochemical, mining and other areas of engineering seepage, leakage and the like.

Rui Heng brand waterproof blanket covered

The top layer is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) film lower for non-woven fabric, impermeable layer of sodium bentonite textile material would be an excellent waterproof effect of sodium bentonite, with a special acupuncture geotextile fixed to the high intensity of Inter then on the non-woven fabric adhesive coating layer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) film This product has a stronger ability than ordinary water seepage waterproof blanket for applications that require high water seepage fields such as: tunnel ; subway; basement; underpass kinds of underground structures and groundwater resources are abundant water features (such as: artificial lake) Engineering impermeable leakproof processing.