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Mariculture farming film geomembrane impermeable membrane manufacturers

Mariculture farming film geomembrane impermeable membrane manufacturers
  • Mariculture farming film geomembrane impermeable membrane manufacturers
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Mariculture farming film geomembrane impermeable membrane manufacturers
Aquaculture pond impermeable membrane
Intensive high-yield farming is the past dispersed low-yield farming model through scientific planning and design, advanced water treatment system and the laying of farmed dedicated HDPE impermeable membrane, to change the past, aquaculture water pollution repeat. Advanced planning and design-led, coupled with advanced farming techniques, while greatly improved yields, lower feed conversion rates, increase return on investment.
HDPE impermeable membrane with tensile, high impact resistance, tear strength, and resistance characteristics of high hydrostatic pressure, in acid corrosion, anti-microbial and anti-infiltration aspect erosion has good performance, HDPE impermeable membrane cover the entire ponds or bottom, you can make the bottom with water completely separated, since HDPE impermeable membrane is smooth, not only disinfection, convenient dredging, and also help prevent the spread of the bottom of the pathogen.
Salt produced using traditional courtyard crystal sand way behind its production operations, the process is complicated, labor-intensive, low yields, poor quality, seriously hampered the development of salt production. Salt with HDPE impermeable membrane has excellent anti-aging due and other features for salt ponds, crystalline, high yield, good quality crude salt and other characteristics.
Impermeable material
Xinyu 'brand polyethylene film products: HDPE impermeable membrane, LDPE flexible waterproof membrane, high-density polyethylene geomembrane applied to aquaculture pond, sea cucumber circle slope, salt, brine pool, shrimp ponds, Yuxia anti pond Salt infiltration and other aquaculture projects.
Impervious Construction
Aquaculture pond impermeable membrane, can control water quality, easy to clean, easy to residual bacteria harmful toxic, you can also protect sea dykes to prevent emptied. Kuanruo HDPE film 'nontoxic, simple construction, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, can solve many problems in aquaculture.
1. Before laying on the laying surface leveling tamp, to prepare sandbags or heavy objects, avoid impermeable membrane paved scattered by the wind.
2. The slope of the pond should not exceed 45 ℃, otherwise it is prone to collapse, not easy to breed.
3. anchor trench dug into 40cm ~ 50cm U-shaped grooves or inverted trapezoidal ditch, then backfill anchor. Tai'an City Rui Heng Environmental Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in producing geomembrane, GCL, geomembrane, drainage board, waterproof blanket , geomembrane, sodium bentonite waterproof blanket, waterproof coating blanket, geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane, waterproof blanket, impermeable geomembrane, geotextile, drainage board, impermeable membrane, GCL GCL, geomembrane , steel geogrid. HDPE geomembrane film geomembrane GCL geomembrane geomembrane manufacturers