Cesspool HDPE geomembrane

Cesspool HDPE geomembrane

Product description:

Cesspool HDPE film before construction Description:
Because of the chemical industry in the production will have a lot of environmentally hazardous waste, sewage tank seepage performance has become one of the most important indicators. Because HDPE impervious geotextile has good plasticity, but also has the best chemical stability, You can resist all kinds of more than 80 kinds of corrosive acid, alkali, salt, oil and other strong acid and alkali chemical medium, so it in the field of chemical and sewage treatment has been widely used.

HDPE impermeable geomembrane construction program:

The first chapter, sewage tank seepage of chemical corrosion engineering base surface
1. Chemical cesspool mostly mixed territorial structure, its surface relatively flat, only need to pay attention to clean up the pool of rubble, gravel, steel head, glass crumbs and other debris.
Movies yin and yang corner 2. base surface smooth transition, the roots should be made arcuate column.
3. After the construction, supervision, owners, construction side acceptance signature recognition can be spread geomembrane construction.

The second chapter, HDPE impermeable geomembrane construction climatic requirements
1. The temperature should normally be five degrees Celsius, geomembrane should be some tension at low temperatures, high temperature geomembrane should relax more.
2. Wind in four or less.
3. When the temperature is too low, the above four winds and rain and snow generally should not construction.
4. In the winds, the wind impact during the construction geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane applications to be welded large rocks or sand bags pressure prison.

Chapter III, HDPE impermeable geomembrane laying
Laying HDPE impermeable membrane impermeable systems throughout the more critical processes.
Before laying on the appearance of quality HDPE impermeable membrane open packet inspection, and repair records have been found to produce mechanical damage and trauma, holes, breakage and other defects.
HDPE impermeable membrane prior to cutting, the measure of their relative size, and then press the actual cutting, laying the seams in the membrane between the membrane and the membrane lap width of not less than 100mm, so that the seam arrangement direction parallel to the maximum toe line, that is arranged in the direction of the gradient.
Laying HDPE impermeable membrane should be sought to weld at least, under the premise of guaranteeing quality, conservation of raw materials as much as possible, while also easy to ensure quality.
Usually in the corner and deformity lots, should be to minimize the short length of the seam addition to special requirements, the slope is greater than 1: 6, from the top on a slope within slope or stress concentration area 1.5 m range, try not to set weld.
HDPE impermeable membrane laying, they should avoid artificially folds, at lower temperatures, should be taut, paved.
After completion of the laying of HDPE impermeable membrane, the membrane surface should minimize walking, moving tools, who can cause harm to the HDPE film objects should not be placed on the film or the film carry walking, so as to avoid the membrane accidental injury.

Chapter IV, HDPE impermeable geomembrane welding
HDPE impermeable membrane welding using wedge welder, using hot-melt welding track wedge welder can not be welded parts, hot melt extrusion welder should be used, together with the raw material homogeneous electrode, forming a single weld surfacing seam.
1. The hot wedge welder welding process is divided into: adjusting the pressure, set temperature, set the speed, lap weld inspection, loading film into the machine, start the motor.
2. seams without oil, dust, lap segment HDPE impermeable membrane surface should have sediment, condensation, moisture and other debris, when there is debris must be cleaned prior to welding.
3. When the welding start every day, usually at the site should be a sample test welding 0.9mm * 0.3mm, the lap width of not less than 10cm, and in the field peel and shear test, the sample qualified after, you can use that time to adjust good speed, pressure, temperature precisely welding hot wedge welder in the welding process, the need to pay attention to the operation of welding, according to the actual situation at the scene to fine-tune the speed and temperature.
4. Weld requirements neat, attractive, without sliding welding, jump away phenomenon.
5. In the case of the geomembrane is not long enough, you need to splice long, should first transverse weld is good, then welded longitudinal seam, the lateral distance greater than 50cm should weld in a T-shaped, can not cross.
6. When welding film allowed to press out the dead fold, laying HDPE geomembrane, according to local temperature changes in the magnitude and HDPE geomembrane performance requirements, set aside the amount of stretching deformation caused by temperature changes.
7. during the rain or seams of moisture, dew, or can not be welded case of large sand, but to take protective measures is excluded.
8. When the temperature is below 5 ℃, the construction should be in accordance with regulatory requirements, if necessary, then construction, welding preheating before welding process to deal with.
9. HDPE Geomembrane should be used during welding generator power regulator good performance, when the use of local electricity under special circumstances, you must use the regulator.

Chapter V, HDPE Geomembrane Anchorage
1. Anchoring in many ways: a groove anchor, nail anchor, anchor bolts, embedded parts fixation cesspool usually embedded parts or expanding spiral layering fixed.
2. Layering width of not less than 2cm, thickness not less than 2mm, expansion bolt spacing should not exceed 600mm, layering Ming Lu at the proper anti-corrosion measures.
3. Bolt diameter not less than 4mm, the spacing is not more than 0.5mm, construction, first with the prepared membrane sandbags will gracefully temporarily fixed position to prevent wind will blow HDPE membrane displacement, and then the anchor bolts.
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