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Laptop Batteries, Chargers, Batteries, Chargers, Batteries, Chargers & Adapters

Laptop Batteries, Chargers, Batteries, Chargers, Batteries, Chargers & Adapters
Product code: 16651100030
Unit price 17.27$
Sold quantity 10819
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Huang Daxia
  • Model: ASUS ASUS x42J A52j K52j A32-K52 battery
  • Battery capacity: 4400mAh
  • Battery capacity: 4001MAh (included) -5000MAh (included)
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops
  • Whether the original: brand compatible battery
  • Available Brands: Asus / ASUS

70-NXM1B2200Z A31-K52 A42-K52
90-NYX1B1000Y A32-K52 K52L681
A31-B53 A41-K52
B53E A42 A5 A62 K42JY
B53X A42D A52 K42J K42JZ
K42DY A42DE A52 Series K42JV K42K
K52DY A42DQ A52BY K42N
K52X A42DR A52DE K42S
K52X A42DY A52DR B52BY K52
P42E A42E A52DY B53 K52D
Pro5IBY A42F A52F B53F K52DE
Pro5K P62 A52J B53J K52DR
Pro5L P82 A52JB B53JC K52F
Pro67 PR067 A52JC B53S K52J
X42DQ X5I A52JE D716 K52JC
X42EI X5IB A52JK F85 K52JE
X52B X5ID A52JR F86 K52Xi
X5IBY X5IF A52JR-X1 K42 K62
X5K X67 A52JT K42 Series K62F
X62 X52J A52JU K42D K62J
X67 A42N A52JV K42DE K62JR
X8F A42QR A52N K42DQ P42
P42J X42 P52J K42DR K52JK
P42JC X42D P52JC K42E K52JR
P52 X42F X52N K42EI K52JT
P52F X42J X52S K42F K52JU
P42F X52 P42EP P42EI K52JV
X52D PRO5I Pro 51B Pro 51 K52N
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