Shrink film | color printing shrink label manufacturer of professional

Shrink film | color printing shrink label manufacturer of professional

Product description:

My company mainly produces filmic packaging: PVC shrink film; PET color printing shrink film; color printing shrink label; BOPP plastic bags; sealing film; truck card bags (for packaging hardware stores), and other printing equipment for 8-color automatic printing. machine, 7-color copperplate printing press. Welcome to sample orders.

PET shrink film, about 75% transverse shrinkage, longitudinal shrinkage of about 0-1% shrinkage can be large differences in the volume of packaging a variety of packaging, packaging and high performance.

Canton Pan used a variety of food and beverages, spices, cosmetics, health care products, chemical and pharmaceutical, detergent, etc. plastic bottle, bottle packaging standard sets a good packing density, play an effective protective effect: moisture, dust , waterproof, tamper.

PET shrink film, is today's best environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, pollution-free, easy recovery, have been exported to various countries through international SGS certification, can rest assured.

PET printing; customer demand printing a variety of exquisite designs; text; increase the aesthetic and commodity benefits; up to 8-color printing

OPS; PET; PVC printed shrink label is applied to:

Cosmetics bottles, drink bottles. Health care products bottle, bottles, bottle caps and various other packaging. Adapt to irregular oblong product packaging, you can print 1-7 kinds of colors and patterns, the use of copper printing. Transverse shrinkage than 50-60%, longitudinal 3-20% shrinkage ratio is usually thick, made into the production of two-pass, requires considerable precision, general tolerance of 1mm or so, after shrinking product is very beautiful. non-marking, in line with food hygiene standards, beautiful generous.

Shrink label (color printing labels) The unique casting process to produce longitudinal shrinkage of 1% to 3% or less, the maximum transverse shrinkage of 50% -57%, finish, transparency and strong, anti-static, good, nice , good printability thickness 25μ or more.

PET; POF; OPS; PVC heat shrinkable label environmental protection: Suitable for food and beverage, pharmaceutical products, spices, cosmetics, health products, chemical products, cleaning supplies, batteries and other plastic bottle, bottle packaging standard sets of PET, POF , OPS, PVC (Environmental shrinking label) is a new type of environmentally friendly skin packaging materials, with a variety of different shapes of containers snug fit, so it can not only print out beautiful patterns, but also to meet the Use different kinds of appearance of new packaging containers. compliance with food hygiene standards, easy to use, elegant, low prices.

PET; POF; PVC heat shrinkable label environmental advantages; OPS:

1. PET; POF; OPS; PVC environmental shrinking label containers of various shapes (polygons and circles) can be closely attached fit, excellent robustness of the bottle prevents deformation or bursting.

2. PET, POF, OPS, PVC environmental shrinking bottle labels with seamless tightly packed do, to protect the contents against dust and moisture, to ensure the safety and quality of products.

3. In the low temperature to minus 20 degrees Celsius can maintain soft, not stiff brittle, resistance to low temperature performance, not aging, good sealing, easy operation, easy to break the film, suitable for high speed packaging machine.

4. PET, POF, OPS, PVC environmental shrinking label does not contain any toxic substances, it can be used in all countries of the world.

5. After shrinking product is very fine, non-marking, in line with food hygiene standards, nice.