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Platform Bracket

Platform Bracket
  • Platform Bracket
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Platform Bracket ( Flat Bracket ) Can be used for granite slab, cast iron plate, etc. table bracket. Granite platform bracket Bottom adjustable feet can be adjusted Platform Bracket Level, etc., and then adjust the granite slab level, make the work more precise. Cast iron plate platform bracket Usually the bottom of the foot is not adjusted; the upper platform holder generally have five adjustable feet, you can also use an adjustment feet ; Platform Bracket With three main pivot support; the other two fulcrum auxiliary support; material is generally square steel; channel or angle can also be made; for Tablet Specifications : ≥500 * 800mm; Platform support ( flat bracket) Specifications according to the platform size selection, general stent design platform height height total height including platform and platform bracket height 800mm, this is highly suitable for the operation; special specifications can be customized. Platform Bracket Professional manufacturers : Hebei Huamin Metallurgical Machinery Co. Phone: 0317-8387999 Fax : 0317-8080199 Website : http: //www.hbhmyj.com http: //www.hbhuamin.com mail :. Hbhmyj @ 126 com hbhuamin @ 163. com