Welded plate

Welded plate

Product description:

Welded plate Also called Welding platform , Welded flat iron; cast iron welding platform; cast iron platform; cast iron plate; cast steel welding platform; steel welded plate; steel welding platform ;

Welded plate The working face many forms, generally flat or with a T -slot ;

Welded plate Usage : welding process used for workpiece and welding plate is different, there is no hole above the working surface is flat or T -slot .

Welded plate Material: High -strength cast iron HT200-300; face hardness HB170-240; after two manual processing ( annealing 600 degrees -700 degrees artificial and natural aging 2--3 years ) use of the product accuracy and stability, good wear resistance.

Welded plate Specifications : 100x100-3000x6000mm ( special specifications according to the demand side, drawing production ).

Welded plate Accuracy: according to the national standard verification procedures, namely 0123 four grades.

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