Cast iron base plate

Cast iron base plate

Product description:

Users select Cast iron base platform ( Base plate According to the load-bearing platform to choose their own specifications when). The following is our cast iron Basic Platform (basis flat ) Introduction:
one, Cast iron base platform ( Base plate ) Alias: Basic Platform , Base plate , Cast iron base platform ,cast iron Base plate , T-slot Basic Platform , T-slot Basic Platform .

two, Cast iron base platform ( Base plate ) Uses: used in power machinery equipment assembly and commissioning, a surface with a T-shaped groove, can be fixed power machinery equipment.
three, Cast iron base platform ( Base plate ) Material: high-quality high-strength gray cast iron HT200-250, face hardness HB170-240, cast after two artificial annealing 600 ℃ -700 ℃ or natural aging 2--3 years, the complete removal of internal stress, accuracy and stability, wear Good performance.
four, Cast iron base platform ( Base plate ) Specifications: 100 * 100-3000 * 6000 (mm), special specifications can be manufactured according to user needs.
Fives, Cast iron base platform ( Base plate ) Precision: According to the national standard verification procedures JJG117-91 execution, respectively three, fine plane.
six, Cast iron base platform ( Base plate ) Finish: Face using scraping process, a check with the coloring method to ensure the plane precision Faces general has opened a T-slot, can also be processed in accordance with the requirements of the long hole or hole and so on.
Seven standard Cast iron base platform ( Base plate ) Of the relevant parameters (mm):
Eight, Cast iron base platform ( Base plate .)) Packing: wooden packaging before packaging anti-rust treatment and proper packaging to avoid damage due to poor packaging during transport flat products after test qualified, should be accompanied by product certification; should the date of manufacture on product certification. and product serial number.
nine, Cast iron base platform ( Base plate ) skills requirement:
1, flat working surface may not have seriously affected the appearance and performance of sand holes, pores, cracks, slag, shrinkage, scratches, bumps, rust and other defects.
2, the casting surface of the plate should be clear sand and smooth, painted solid.
3; precision registered as 0 -3 level flat work surface; diameter less than 15mm
Sand holes allow the same material clogging hardness less than the hardness of the surrounding material. Sand clogging the hole should be limited to Face 4, and the spacing between the holes of sand should be not less than 80mm

4, the plate should be used to create high-quality fine gray cast iron or alloy material, its face hardness should 170-220HB.
5, flat working surface shall normally be by scraping process. To use the scraping process of three flat working surface, the maximum allowable surface roughness Ra value of 5um.
6, flat working surface flatness tolerances specified in Table 2.
7, flat working surface using scraping process should be painted on the research test of the contact point area after research shows the ratio specified in Table 3: or by 25mm * 25mm square area of ​​the contact points specified in Table 3, and any It should be between 25mm * 25mm in contact points not more than 5 points.

ten, Cast iron base platform ( Base plate ) Instruction manual:
1, before use non-corrosive gas, anti-rust oil wash the face, and wipe clean with a degreasing cotton, can be used.
2; temperature change will make the measurement errors; shall be 20 ± 5 ℃

Range use.
3, when used to adjust the level of the standard instrument to make uniform the pivot fulcrum.
4, when used carefully to prevent collisions.
5, after use wipe, coated anhydrous acidic anti-rust oil, moisture-proof paper cover, in a clean dry place.
6, weekly inspection period: the longest weekly inspection of one year.