Cast iron boxes

Cast iron boxes

Product description:

Cast iron boxes Divided Test square box; crossed square boxes; universal side boxes; cast iron square box; granite square box; magnetic square box; side box Wait.

Cast iron boxes Purpose: stereo fitter crossed for parallelism and mechanical parts, measuring and testing verticality.

Cast iron boxes Material: High-strength cast iron HT250 and granite (also known as marble, rock)

Cast iron boxes Accuracy: cast iron is 0; 1; 2; 3

Granite is made of 000; 00; 0; 1

Cast iron boxes Specifications: 100 * 100 * 100mm-800 * 800 * 800mm can be produced according to user needs a variety of square box and square tube.

Cast iron boxes Is hollow cube with six face, in which a working surface of a V-shaped groove rock square box is a cube, with six Face. Square box for parts parallelism, squareness testing and for scribing measuring instruments.

Square Box Press the side into 100mm; 150mm; 200mm; 250mm; 300mm; 400mm; 500mm and other specifications; by accuracy class is divided into 0; 1; 2; 3; 0 according to zoning in general; one for the test side box; 2; 3 is crossed square box;

Cast iron boxes Non-face should be clean sand, paint, evenness, edges chamfered. Shall be signs in the square box wall, and marked with the size, grade, serial number, manufacturer name.

and also Square tube, square tube inspection, cast iron square tube, crossed square tube. T-slot rectangular tube Etc., use, materials, precision, performance equivalent to the same square box.

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