Splicing platform

Splicing platform

Product description:

Splicing platform Also called Splice plates , Assembly platform; assembly flat; assembly platform; assembled plates; cast iron platform; cast iron plate; cast iron stitching platform ;

Splicing platform The material: HT200-250, face hardness of HB170-240 after two manual processing (artificial annealing 600 ° -700 ° and the natural aging two to three years) to achieve the purpose of eliminating stress and work within the casting internal stress in order. ensure the stability of platform accuracy, and good wear resistance. Our company produces tools for measuring the professional company has accumulated years of design and manufacturing on the basis of the amount of ground has adopted a new structure, new technologies, new processes and high-quality materials Casting of various series of gauges, with reasonable design, long life and other characteristics.

Splicing platform It uses: a combination of cast iron platform level. It is mainly used in large parts of various testing, measuring, marking and so on.
Splicing platform Standards: generally strict application (People's Republic of China Machinery Industry Standard) JB / T 7974-2000 processing and production but sometimes even local conditions, to be flexible in design in cast iron plate iron plate national standards and corporate standards. and cast iron plate requirements differ, they can design philosophy to the spirit of the cast iron plate at the lowest cost to achieve the best results in accordance with the actual needs of special cast iron plate design, the best results yet To achieve the principles of the production and use of mutual benefit to both sides.
Splicing platform Specifications: 100 * 100-3000 * 6000 (greater than smaller than this size can be assembled using or made by the drawings).

Splicing platform Precision: standard verification procedures according to national JJG117-91 perform 123 rating.
Splicing platform Surface treatment: Face using scraping process, the working surface can be processed V-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped grooves, holes, long holes, dovetail so on.
Splicing platform There anchor adjustment, the adjustment bolt, adjust the horn and the top wire adjustment adjustment adjustment mode in which the anchor or anchor bolts as the main adjustment method. Splicing platform When using the first installation and commissioning. Before you can use in the absence of a qualified installation Splicing platform The work is not meaningful work, installation of non-professionals Splicing platform Is illegal operation may damage Splicing platform The structure, and even cause Splicing platform Deformation, so that it is corrupt and unusable. Therefore, before use, we have a professional staff Splicing platform Installation and commissioning, installation and commissioning of non-professionals is illegal to operate, to be absolutely not use manufacturer: Hebei Huamin Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. Hotline: 0317-8387999 Fax: 0317-8080188 Website: http: // www. hbhmyj.com mail:. hbhmyj @ 126 com