Machine table

Machine table

Product description:

Machine table Mainly used for machining work plane to use, there are holes and T-slots above, the iron produced when used to fix the workpiece, and clean-up process, the industrial production indispensable basic equipment, of which the most commonly used heavy industry. 1. Machine table Material: high-strength cast iron HT250-300, face hardness of HB170-240.
2. Machine table The importance of effectiveness: effectiveness of the plate should be after two manual (annealing treatment) or natural aging 2-3 years, eliminate some white organization within the platform, in order to reduce the internal stress of the casting to increase the hardness and resistance of cast iron platform working surface. grindability. makes cast iron platform, cast iron plate of precision and stability, good wear resistance.

3. Machine table Accuracy guarantee: Flat Face uses scrapers namely artificial scraping process precision iron platforms: the machine table according to national standard verification procedures, were 0 iron platform one, two, three four grades.

4, Machine table Including landing boring table; planer table; milling machine table; CNC gantry milling table; CNC machine table; various machine table

5, the company also produces a variety CNC gantry milling; CNC milling machine carving; large gantry milling bed .