Product description:

V-rack Divided into v-shaped iron, v-block, cast iron v-rack, steel v-racks, magnetic v-racks, granite v-rack, stand-up iron three iron five iron. V-frame Wait.

V-rack According to the JB/T8047-95 standard, cast as HT250, steel material using high quality tool steel.

V-rack Use: for precision measurement of shaft parts, dash, positioning and clamping of mechanical processing, can also be used for fitter stereo and parallelism of mechanical parts, vertical measurements and testing.

V-frame material is divided into: cast iron HT250; High quality tool steels; Three kinds of materials such as granite; Cast iron v-also known as the cast iron v-iron; Cast iron v-blocks; One iron; Three iron; Four iron; Five iron; Accuracy is divided into level 0; 1 levels; 2 levels; High quality tool steel v-also known as steel v-rack; Steel v-shaped rack; Steel v-iron; Steel v-iron; Steel v-blocks; Steel v-blocks; Quality tool steel v-rack for single v-shaped frame with clamping devices; Accuracies 00; 0 levels; 1 levels; Granite material v-shaped granite v-racks; Granite v-iron; V-blocks of granite; Marble v-rack; V-blocks of marble; Marble v-iron; Granite v-rack; V-blocks of granite; Granite v-iron; General port of v-frame; Accuracies 000; 00 levels; 0 levels;

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