Magnetic V-frame

Magnetic V-frame

Product description:

one, Magnetic V-frame The scope of application: also known as magnetic V-frame for processing and testing cylindrical products, corrects vertical, concentricity and other products.

The high precision, easy to use, magnetic 15KG * 220 * 223 * 2, the seat body size 70 * 48 * 50mm, 100 * 50 * 80150 * 50 * 100mm.
two, Magnetic V-frame Purpose: Paired supply, mainly for detecting precision shaft parts, crossed, fixed instrument and machining of clamping.
three, Magnetic V-frame Advantages: V-groove with a magnetic part and the bottom are more convenient to use.

Magnetic V-frame, also known as the permanent magnet is made of magnetic V-iron, magnetic V-block, magnetic V-frame, magnetic V-frame body, etc., in the middle of aluminum alloy spaced and fixed, easy to use, knob to specify the location of the workpiece can be sucked in prison, an operation processing purposes as follows: for detecting precision shaft parts, marking, positioning and machining of clamping can also be used for three-dimensional crossed fitter parallelism and mechanical parts , measurement and inspection verticality.

Specifications: 75 * 60 * 80mm; 100 * 60 * 80mm; 100 * 60 * 100mm; 150 * 50 * 125mm

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