What the printing industry both dehumidification and humidification? printing dehumidifier

What the printing industry both dehumidification and humidification? printing dehumidifier

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What the printing industry dehumidifier, humidifier ?

Temperature and humidity affect paper : Paper is made from plant fiber, and fiber porous and hydrophilic, is sensitive to water. Slight changes in environmental temperature and humidity, changes in the moisture content of the paper. Influence of air humidity on moisture content of the paper, usually relative humidity, moisture content of the paper increased, on the contrary, relative humidity is lower, paper moisture content decreased. And the impact of the temperature change for the moisture content of the paper is different. Usually temperature, moisture content of the paper reduction. Size of the moisture content of the paper, and printing is directly related to performance. For example, changes in moisture content of the paper can cause paper expansion (including local deformation). the dimensional stability of paper and printing of jobs suitable to have great relations with alignment and putting it in. It is multi color printing products, paper size change will cause product misregister, become waste products, waste. Therefore, the temperature of the paper, size changes in the effect of humidity, is one of the most important issues in the printing shop. Due to changes in moisture content of the paper, can also lead to changes in other properties of the paper. Such as the moisture content increases, the tensile strength of the paper, surface strength; Moisture content is too low, the paper brittle harden easily electrostatic charge, such as printing. Lin Aier dehumidifiers, humidifiers, humidity free for you!

Effects of temperature and humidity on ink: temperature and humidity on the drying speed ink is having the greatest effect. All kinds of printing ink under the influence of temperature and humidity levels. In General, the higher the temperature, faster drying; Lower the temperature, dry more slowly. Especially the lithographic printing inks in the printing process, because the presence of the fountain solution may cause emulsion, so relative humidity size in ink water evaporation. Therefore, the ink drying rate has a direct influence of temperature and humidity, if the temperature is too low, the relative humidity is too large, reduce ink drying speeds, the Director of print cycle.

Environment of temperature and humidity can also affect the viscosity of the ink . Environment temperature rises, the Ink viscosity is reduced; Environment temperature, viscosity increases. If the temperature is too low, the Ink viscosity is too large, printing problems can occur, such as the local strip of paper, glued to the blanket or plates. Therefore, control printing of temperature and relative humidity can control the drying speed ink, printing problems.

Temperature and humidity control, causes the substrate to generate static electricity: printing workshop through low temperature and humidity, relative humidity is too low, the substrate will result in printing with static electricity. Electrostatic effects, on the one hand would cause a paper and delivery difficulties, on the other hand can cause printing problems, or even fire due to discharge.

Workshop temperature and humidity control in temperature-20 c +-1;

Relative humidity 55%-60%. Lin Aier and humidity, so that your humidity control!

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