Frozen dehumidifier can Linyi Er / wind capacity dehumidifiers CFZ-50S

Frozen dehumidifier can Linyi Er / wind capacity dehumidifiers CFZ-50S

Product description:

Which do professional refrigeration dehumidifier? Wind capacity dehumidifiers stock?

Frozen dehumidifier can Linyi Er doing professional! Can Linyi Er professional to provide you all kinds of frozen dehumidifier, dehumidifier can be customized according to customer requirements non-standard dehumidification products. Your needs, our pursuit! Welcome to call : 400-806-6628

Wind capacity dehumidifier can Linyi Er, frozen dehumidifier CFZ-50S Technical Parameters

Dehumidification capacity: 1200 l / day

Applicable range: 1300-1600 m / storey 2.6 m

Power: 380V ~ 50HZ

Maximum input current: 42.0A

Rated input power: 25KW

Defrost mode: Auto

Flow Rate: 14,000 m3 / hour

Drainage patterns: water

Ambient temperature: 5-38 ℃

Compressor Protection: three-minute delay

Volume: 1700 * 600 * 1850mm

Weight: 300kg

Dehumidification capacity is measured under standard environmental conditions, as CFZ-50S dehumidification capacity standard 1200 liters / day, meaning the water volume at 30 ℃ / RH80% of the environment 24 hours measurement.

Wind capacity dehumidifier can Linyi Er, frozen dehumidifier Technical note:

1. Control mode: full humidity display, microcomputer automatic control dehumidification, Automatic defrost.

2. The compressor: Daikin scroll compressor

3. Compressor: Three minutes delay protection.

4. Drainage patterns: continuous drainage pipe

5. Humidity Sensor: Japan SHINYEI humidity probe

6. Move: to feet with casters, easy to move

Wind capacity dehumidifier can Linyi Er, frozen dehumidifier principle: cleanair dehumidifier product is frozen dehumidifier; whole consists of a compressor; heat exchanger; fan; water containers; shell and controller; works : the fan will draw moist air into the device inside, through the refrigeration system (compressor; evaporator; condenser) condenses into frost interaction of; the system automatically defrosting heating into water; produce a dry air discharge; so the cycle to the indoor humidity lower; wet and dry space to gradually achieve the effect

Can Linyi Er industrial dehumidifier has been widely used reference room, library, computer room, precision instrument rooms, hospitals and valuables storage, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, glass, food, electronics, metallurgy, printing, warehouses, basements, archives, electricity, telecommunications, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, printing, tea, textiles and other places on the humidity requirements.

Suzhou can Linyi Er Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. welcome you to inquire CLEANAIR substation dehumidifier, dehumidifier equipment room, workshop dehumidifier, warehouse dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier, underground garage dehumidification, dehumidifier station. Industrial dehumidifiers; winds of dehumidifiers; power dehumidifier , Wind capacity dehumidifiers, freezers and other desiccant dehumidifier products.

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