Product description:

LD DS-05.011LD DS-05.011

Baking Conditions
It is not necessary to bake all XLamp LEDs. Only the LEDs
that meet all of the following criteria must be baked:
1. LEDs that have been removed from the original MBB

2. LEDs that have been exposed to a humid environment

longer than listed in the Moisture Sensitivity section
3. LEDs that have not been soldered
LEDs should be baked at 80ºC for 24 hours. LEDs may
be baked on the original reels. Remove LEDs from MBB
packaging before baking. Do not bake parts at tempera-
tures higher than 80ºC. This baking operation resets the
exposure time as defined in the Moisture Sensitivity sec-
tion above.

Storage Conditions
XLamp LEDs that have been removed from original MBB
packaging but not soldered yet should be stored in a room
or cabinet that will maintain an atmosphere of 25 ± 5ºC
and no greater than 10% RH (relative humidity) . For LEDs
stored in these conditions, storage time does not add to
exposure time as defined in the Moisture Sensitivity sec-
tion above.

RoHS Compliance
The levels of environmentally sensitive, persistent biologi-
cally toxic (PBT) , persistent organic pollutants (POP) , or
otherwise restricted materials in this product are below
the maximum concentration values (also referred to as
the threshold limits) permitted for such substances, or
are used in an exempted application, in accordance with
EU Directive 2002/95/ EC on the restriction of the use of
certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic
equipment (RoHS) , as amended through April 21, 2006.

Vision Advisory Claim
WARNING: Do not look at exposed lamp in operation. Eye
injury can result. See LED Eye Safety at http: //www.cree.
com/ products/ pdf/ XLamp_EyeSafety.pdf.

Intellectual Property
For remote phosphor applications, a separate license to
certain Cree patents is required.