Toys squeeze box movement

Toys squeeze box movement

Product description:

The company is the production and sale of toy products specifically classified as follows:

1. Music; flash; voice COB;

2. All kinds of toys movement: such as various light control; voice; vibration movement;

3. all kinds of trendy fashion electronic gifts, electronic toys (Flash stick; calls flashing jewelry; Yanchao Qi; flash flying saucer; flashing necklace; flash badge; flashing rings; Halloween jewelry, etc.) and various types of electronic devices.
4. To undertake all types of electronic products processing, such as bonding welding, plastic parts assembly and other services, Crane fast, quality assurance.

Voice content in detail as follows:

I LOVE YOU; + speakers + car start with; tones dolls; gunfire three sections; KISS + I LOVE YOU + children laughing, good fortune, space sound, the phone ringing + Hello, telephone friends, fart sound / camera to take pictures! sound, Kung Hei Fat Choy + luck often to + Carnival music, HOHOHO + Merry X'mas, like I love you, witch sound / female screams, Horseshoe * 16 + 3 + horse horse called * sigh, I was a hero universe Austrian Special Olympics + gunfire, police motorcycle, please note the reverse / horn, mother + child cry / sucking sound, giggling, voice + gunshots, baby cry / sucking, Arab, Pakistani, Portuguese-speaking songs, Russian song.