Supply JTM0320 voice IC, voice electronic scales voice chip

Supply JTM0320 voice IC, voice electronic scales voice chip

Product description:

Speech is a new type of electronic scales electronic scales, by a micro processor, voice circuit and detection circuit which has three major components, able to figure a way to weight and voice information to the user, such as voice prompt ' current weight of 10 kilograms, etc. Some electronic scales can also voice prompt items unit price, total price, etc. voice of precision electronic scales, the circuit is simple, easy to mass production .

* Provides 3 seconds; 6 seconds; nine seconds; 12 seconds; 21 seconds; 36 seconds; 40 seconds; 54 seconds; 65 seconds; 80 seconds; 114 seconds; 170 seconds; 340 seconds of OTP voice chip and three seconds to 640 seconds voice chip mask (mask price is very cheap )

* Encapsulates SOP; DIP; QFP and die and mask options

* Support for up to 64 polyphonic

* 6K to 32K sampling rate

* Sound quality comparable to MP3

* Cost-effective; within the peer lowest price; the real voice chip is the king of cost-effective

* Can provide standard chips and custom chips for customers

* Simple and flexible control mode