AD9851, AD9851 module, DDS signal generator

AD9851, AD9851 module, DDS signal generator

Product description:

This product is compared with similar products; look not only beautiful layout; and full chip processing; performance is absolutely stable and reliable; · welcome · amount to more concessions !

Main features:
* Module can output sine and square wave, two sine and two square -wave output .
AD9850: 0-40MHz
AD9851: 0-70MHz
After the 20-30MHz frequency harmonics increases, the waveform will become unclean .
Square Wave : 0-1MHz
* The use of 70MHz low-pass filter, so waveform better than SN

* Pin (PIN12) leads generated DA benchmarks, easy to do the output waveform amplitude adjustment application .
* Reference input voltage comparator is generated by the variable resistor, adjust the resistance can get different duty cycle square wave
* AD9850 module using 125MHz active crystal of, AD9851 module 30MHZ active crystal

The main difference between AD9850 and AD9851
* AD9850 clock frequency up to 125MHz, AD9851 clock frequency up to 180MHz. Output than the highest frequency AD9851 AD9850 high .
* AD9850 no 6 octave, AD9851 have

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