Wireless module / NRF24L01 / NRF24L01 + / wireless transceiver modules / RFID module

Wireless module / NRF24L01 / NRF24L01 + / wireless transceiver modules / RFID module

Product description:

Using original NRF24L01 manufactured modules have been tested professional equipment!

(1) 2.4Ghz global open ISM band license-free use
(2) The maximum operating speed of 2Mbps; anti-jamming;; efficient GFSK modulation is particularly suitable for industrial control applications
(3) 125 channels, multi-point communication and frequency hopping to meet the communication needs
(4) built-in hardware CRC, FEC error detection and multipoint communication address control
(5) Low Voltage 1.9 ~ 3.6V work, low power consumption, low emission current of just under 7mA Power down mode state only 1uA
(6) PCB2.4Ghz antenna, small size about 24X24mm
(Not including the antenna)
(7) The module can be software set address, only received local address will output data (provide interrupt instructions), can be directly connected to a variety of MCU, software programming is very convenient
(8) 2.54mm standard DIP spacing interfaces for embedded applications

Note: This module needs 3.3V supply available, 3.3V regulator chip shop 5V-3.3V Buck

Second, the performance parameters
(1) Size: 34mm X 17mm X 1mm
(2) open to the maximum distance 80 m

SPI interface consists of SCK; MISO; MOSI and CSN composition in standby or power-down mode; microcontroller via SPI interface configuration module operating parameters; in the transmit or receive mode; microcontroller through the SPI interface to send or receive data; IRQ interrupt interface available following several interrupt output (optional): data transmission end TX_DS; data reception ready TX_DR; retransmitted this time achieve maximum MAX_RF prefix = o ns = urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: office '

SPI configuration parameters and operation timings NORDIC official documents refer to specific modules: NRFprefix = st1 ns = urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: smarttags 24L01_Product_Spectification_V2.0 pdf.