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  • JTM1201
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1 Overview

The latest multi-function intelligent voice chip -.. JTM JTM is a powerful series of one-time programmable voice chip, the audio output is PWM or DAC mode selectable control modes key control mode, parallel control mode, the serial port control Mode and other flexible trigger button control mode; in serial mode can control the volume, turn on or off the amplifier, there are loop and stop function.

JTM-chip 16-bit DA audio output, and comes with an internal filter amplifier, can directly drive 0.5W speakers, built-in programmable PSG speech synthesis technology, truly high-quality and low-noise characteristics; built-in two-channel stereo, You can easily mix playback.

This chip has a number of unit circuit; and there is a strong programmability; addition to being able to play the voice; but also can play high-quality MIDI keyboard music, not only to achieve a standard of control, or according to demand, build all kinds function, as far as possible to make cost-effective products to the highest can control a variety of electrical equipment, etc., can be applied in many fields, such as: Keyboard, advanced toys, children's learning machine, automobile anti-theft devices, intelligent home appliances, health care and physical therapy products , instruments, and a variety of automatic control systems, etc., currently in these areas has been widely used.

2 Features

OTP storage format; the production cycle faster; the fastest in a day; no minimum quantity restriction orders;
Flexible multiple operating modes to choose from (key operation; serial operation; parallel operation);
Choose from a variety of voice length (20 seconds; 40 seconds; 80 seconds; 170 seconds; 340 seconds);
PWM level D speaker amplifier; can directly drive an 8Ω speaker or typical buzzer; beautiful clear sound; also DAC output;
Professional MIDI electronic music processing capacity; up to 64 channels play music; as polyphonic musical applications in the industry has the best price advantage;
Flexible segment playback operation; savings by combining voice space; up to 220 segments can be played combined voice segment;
There are busy status output;
Good sound quality; high performance; inexpensive;
DIP16; SOP16; QFP44 three packages to choose from; easy to use; flexible application;

The peripheral circuit is simple; rich chip resources; and a variety of external scalability; easy user requests various functions;
Operating voltage range: 2.7V ~ 3.6V;
Quiescent Current: 2uA;
Current: No audio output audio output between operating current 12mA operating current 20mA ~ 120mA;.

3 Applications

NV series voice chips can be used in a variety of voice prompts occasions, such as: automatic teller machines, voice, toys, massage therapy, reversing radar, voice alarm, traffic light control system, bus stations, banks password prompt, voice calculator, voice attendance, recording telephone voice prompts, and so on.