High quality recording module JTM010S, sound recording module, recording IC

High quality recording module JTM010S, sound recording module, recording IC

Product description:


• Use 8 DSP core recording chip JTM01016 bit ADC input, 16-bit DAC output;

• Voice content is stored in the external SPI FLASH; Rewritable 100,000 times; save time more than 100 years;

• ADPCM audio file format stored in FLASH, to save storage space;

• Multi-recording and playback operation; when each no time limit; up to 220 recorded segment;

• Built-in intelligent file system that does not produce fragmentation;

• Support for external SPI-FLASH capacity range of 4M Bit to 64M Bit, recording up to 1000 seconds or more;

• Support for standard keys; some sound recording mode; one model and three-wire serial mode control; easy to control;

• High sound quality; low noise; recording distance; built AGC gain;

• Built-in 0.5W audio amplifier, can directly drive 0.5W speaker;

• Support LINE line recording and MIC live recording;

• can set the sampling rate, support 6K to 16K sampling;

• A busy signal output instructions;

• voltage range DC2.7V to 3.6V, comes with low voltage detection circuit;

• Power saving mode consumes only 150uA or less;

• it can be widely used in telephone recording, industrial, fire, toys and other fields.

• Practical DIP28 package, also available recording master IC according to need;

2 Functional Description

JTM010S recording recording chip module using external SPI memory JTM010 way to reach the recording function. Its main feature is the voice clear, long recording time. Currently the maximum recording time can be provided to 2730 seconds. A JTM010S notable feature is the storage flexible hours, the customer depending on the length of recording time to their needs, select the appropriate external SPI FLASH capacity, without having to change the main chip. JTM010S compared to other recording chip or circuit, it has a monolithic recording for a long time, multi-flexible control, low cost voice clear advantages.

JTM010 with key control mode, one button control mode and three-wire serial control mode, three modes. Can be easily applied in a variety of occasions, is highly cost-effective standardized recording module. JTM010S control mode only The first time the programming process is set, once again setting can not be changed, but the recording content can be freely rewritable.