Product description:

• Polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

non-solid electrolyte
• Large types; very small dimensions; cylindrical

aluminum case, insulated with a blue sleeve
• Low ESR, high ripple current capability
• Useful life: 5000 h at 105 C
• Keyed polarity snap-in version available
• Material categorization: For definitions plea doc?99912

• General purpose, industrial and audio/ video syst
• Smoothing and filtering
• Standard and switched mode power supplies
• Energy storage in pulse systems

The capacitors are marked (where possible)
following information:
• Rated capacitance (in μF)
• Tolerance code on rated capacitance, code

accordance with IEC 60062 (M for ± 20 %)
• Rated voltage (in V)
• Date code (YYMM or in 2 digits according to IEC
• Name of manufacturer
• Code for factory of origin
• -sign to identify the negative terminal, visible
top and side of the capacitor
• Code number, last 8 digits 159 xxxxx
• Climatic category in accordance with IEC 60068