LM2596-5.0 TO-220

LM2596-5.0 TO-220

Product description:

Applications: Household appliances; intelligent home security; industrial control; automotive electronics; medical electronics

product description

Input voltage range of 4.5V ~ 40V, maximum input voltage 45V.

※ 3.3V, 5V, 12V constant voltage output and adjustable output voltages, regulated output voltage range of 1.23V ~ 37V ± 4%

※ output linearity and load adjustable output current of up to 3A

※ low-power standby mode, IQ typical value of 80μA

※ TTL power capacity, with thermal protection and current limit protection

※ peripheral circuit is simple; only four external components; and the use of easily available standard inductors

※ Storage Temperature : -65 ~ +150 Working temperature: -40 ~ +125