Product description:

2-channel 12-bit DAC
Twos complement facilitates bipolar applications
Bipolar zero with 2 V dc offset
Built-in 2.000 V precision reference with 10 ppm/ °C typ TC
Buffered voltage output: 0 V to 4 V
Single-supply operation: 4.5 V to 5.5 V
Fast 0.8 µs settling time typ
Ultracompact MSOP-10 package
Monotonic DNL ( ±1 LSB
Optimized accuracy at zero scale
Power-on reset to VREF
3-wire serial data input
Extended temperature range: �40°C to +105°C

Single-supply bipolar converter operations
General-purpose DSP applications
Digital gain and offset controls
Instrumentation level settings
Disk drive control
Precision motor control

The AD5399 is the industry-first dual 12-bit digital-to-analog
converter that accepts twos complement digital coding with 2 V
dc offset for single-supply operation. Augmented with a built-in
precision reference and a solid buffer amplifier, the AD5399 is
the smallest self-contained 12-bit precision DAC that fits many
general-purpose as well as DSP specific applications. The twos
complement programming facilitates the natural coding
implementation commonly found in DSP applications, and
allows operation in single supply. The AD5399 provides a 2 V
reference output, VREF, for bipolar zero monitoring. It can also
be used for other on-board components that require a precision
reference. The device is specified for operation from 5 V ± 10%
single supply with bipolar output swing from 0 V to 4 V
centered at 2 V.

The AD5399 is available in the compact 1.1 mm low profile
MSOP-10 package. All parts are guaranteed to operate over the
extended industrial temperature range of �40°C to +105°C.