VSG Cross Roller Bearing CRB8013

VSG Cross Roller Bearing CRB8013

Product description:

rossed Roller Bearing, Thin section bearing and Harmonic drive bearing are three dominant bearing impoldered independently by our company.

Thin section was awarded as Hi-New Technology Product by Henan Bureau of Technology in 2004. Our company was awarded as Hi-New Technology Enterprise by Henan Bureau of Technology.

Crossed roller bearing is another dominant product of our company. A single crossed roller bearing can take loads from any directions at the same time, such as radial, thrust and monment loads since the rollers were disposed crosswise in the raceway of inner ring and outer ring.

Because of the high carrying capacity, good rigidity, high turning precision and setting easy, crossed roller bearing was widely used in the field of robot joint and circumrotate units, rotary table of CMC, medical equipment, etc.