Samsung GT-B3710 GT-B3730 GT-B3740 4G USB Surfstick

Samsung GT-B3710 GT-B3730 GT-B3740 4G USB Surfstick

Product description:

As the world's top professional network solution vendor, Samsung had released many 4G USB Sticks to support 4G networks in Europe. Samsung GTB3710, GTB3730 and GTB3740 are the typical 4G USB Modems. Samsung GT-B3800 is a 4G mobile hotspot to support 4G LTE networks.

Samsung GT-B3710 4G USB Stick Specifications:

* LTE DL up to 100Mbps

*LTE UL up to 50Mbps

*LTE 4G 2600MHz

*Built-in antenna

*HS USB & SMS service

Samsung GTB3730 4G LTE modem is a rotate USB modem from TeliaSonera that offers 4G network connectivity as well as a backup plan. This would definitely come in handy since 4G coverage isn?t exactly up to par yet at the moment in most countries that support it.


* 4G (2600MHz) Download up to 100 Mb/ s and Upload up to 50 Mb/ s
* 3G (2100MHz) Download up to 17 Mb/ s and Upload up to 5.76 Mb/ s
* 2G/ EDGE (900/1800MHz) Download up to 296 Kb/ s and Upload up to 107 Kb/ s
* Built-in antenna
* HS USB & SMS service
* Dimensions: 64 x 50 x11mm
* OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/8, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS.

The Samsung GTB3740 4G LTE Mobile Broadband (Also known as LTE Surfstick) connect your computer to check email, deliver web seminars, query ERP/ CRM applications, or video conference with your team. The stick is marked with a discreet silver gray. On the front is the Vodafone logo visible with a small Simkartensymbol the opening. On the back you see the Samsung logo and the 4G label.


* Plug-and-play with automatic software installation. Auto install & Auto run.

* Internal antenna included to extend coverage.

* Support the new mobile technology - LTE Network.

* Smooth and friendly design.