Huawei B890 B890-77 B890-3 B890-66 B890-73 B890-74 B890-75 B890-53 4G Router

Huawei B890 B890-77 B890-3 B890-66 B890-73 B890-74 B890-75 B890-53 4G Router

Product description:

HUAWEI B890 4G LTE smart hub is a 4G LTE Wireless Gateway/ 4G LTE Router. Just like LTE CPE B593, there are many variants models for HUAWEI B890, such as HUAWEI B890-77, HUAWEI B890-3, HUAWEI B890-66, HUAWEI B890-73, HUAWEI B890-74, HUAWEI B890-75, HUAWEI B890-53 etc. The model of B890 4G LTE Router for North America could support 4G LTE Band 700/1700MHz and the peak download speed could reach 75Mbps. Up to 32 WiFi users could share the wireless network simultaneously. The model for Europe and Aisa is HUAWEI B890-75, which support 4G FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz. And the peak download speed could reach up to 100Mpbs.

Sub-models of HUAWEI B890 4G Router:

HUAWEI B890-75: FDD Band 1/3/7/8/20 (800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz)

HUAWEI B890-53: Band 7 (2600MHz)

HUAWEI B890-66: FDD Band 2/4/5/7/17 (700MHz/ 850/ AWS/ 1900/2600 MHz)

HUAWEI B890-73: FDD Band 1/3/8 & TDD Band 40 (900/1800/2100MHz TDD 2300MHz)

HUAWEI B890-74


HUAWEI B890-77

Other features:

* 4G Data rates download speed up to 100Mbps

* DC-HSPA+ download speed up to 42Mbps

* Connect up to 32 WiFi enabled devices simultaneously

* 1 RJ11 port for regular phone connection

* 1 USB port for Data sharing and storage

* 3 x 10/100 Ethernet LAN ports for wired connectivity

* Built in DHCP server and NAT

* Automatic Internet failover to Wireless WAN for alternate Internet connectivity (ADSL/ Cable/ Fibre)

* 802.11 / b/ g/ n, up to 300 Mbps WAN Connection

* SIM Card: V3 Standard SIM

* Dimensions: 222x 48x 161 mm

* weight: 530g ( Excluding AC adapter)

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