GT-BIO 10g S-Hyperbola Spoon Lure (Gold)

GT-BIO 10g S-Hyperbola Spoon Lure (Gold)

Product description:

  • 10g S-hyperbola spoon lure for fishing
  • Slim body design to reduce air resistance
  • With feather and sequins to make the route more ease
  • Good reflection effect
  • Different towing speed will create different dynamic performance in the water, from rotation, swing to sigmoid swimming
  • Perfect for attracting trout, salmon
  • With a tough tri-hook
  • A great accessory for fishing use
Package Details
Weight: 25.68 g
Size: 13.00*4.00*2.00 cm
Package Includes
*10g S-Hyperbola Spoon Lure