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'Old Liao electric competition' Noppoo Choc 84 Mini wired portable | office mechanical keyboard

'Old Liao electric competition' Noppoo Choc 84 Mini wired portable | office mechanical keyboard
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: NOPPOO Mini84
  • Brand: NOPPOO
  • Model: Mini84
  • Package type: official standard
  • Yes No Mechanical keyboard: yes
  • Color classification: 'CHERRY axis '84 black red axis' CHERRY shaft '84 white green axis 'CHERRY shaft '84 white tea shaft' CHERRY shaft '84 black black axis
  • Support for Plug and Play
  • Connection: Wired
  • Whether there are multimedia function keys: Yes
  • Interface type: USB
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support
  • Condition: New


84 keyboard line is not a key line separation, is one; the new keyboard shaft and keycap between the tight, for the key when the cap is not careful, do not use profits, it is recommended to shake slowly in the pull; new keyboard Do not recommend you pull the key cap, it is recommended to use for some time in the change.

Because 84 black series keycap is pom material, relatively hard, Abrasive plus 'easy off agent' lead Shift, backspace, such as the return of the color of the keycap and other keycap color difference, which is normal.

Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao are remote areas, it is not in the scope of 包邮, need to make up the difference!

friendly reminder:

84 series white keycap is PBT material, black is POM material; keyboard: length 320mm * width 130mm * height 35mm (including keycap height) compatible with MAC system (typing no problem, mac fast multimedia volume adjustment may not be perfectly compatible )!

Keyboard also comes with a lot of oh: silicone dust cover, pull key, product warranty card, product brochures, everything is complete!

On the POM keycap material description: English name polyoxymethylene (referred to as POM) Chinese called poly-A-Tsuen raw materials, also known as polyoxylated methylene raw materials. With wear resistance (anti-oil) characteristics, than the general ABS material of the keycap anti-wear (oil).

84 white pbt keycap series:

Noppoo Choc Mini Conflict Portable Mechanical Keyboard

Noppoo Choc Mini Conflict Portable Mechanical Keyboard Black POM Edition (Black shaft, green axis, tea shaft, red axis)

- Cherry mechanical switch, feel keep.
- USB port full keyboard without conflict support. Game player choice.
- work hard, POM laser lettering keycap, comfortable and durable.
- QWEASD location of humanized multimedia features to reduce the palm movement.
- WIN shielding function. Effective to reduce misuse.
- a key to switch Ctrl, Cap function, convenient part of the software users.
- narrow frame design. Four sides are equidistant 6 mm, visual and beautiful.
- key ladder, dwarf keycap design. Ergonomic layout, reduce the height of the keyboard, get rid of the keyboard hand care.

- digital area function. After opening the NUM digital area normal use.
- 84 key 65% ​​width design. The overall width of the keyboard is less than 32 cm, easy to carry, for the mouse and mouse pad to leave a larger mobile space.
- normal use of non-human damage, warranty for one year.