Gaming Laoliao Noppoo Choc 84 Mini wired portable | Office gaming mechanical keyboard

 Gaming Laoliao Noppoo Choc 84 Mini wired portable | Office gaming mechanical keyboard

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: NOPPOO Mini84
  • Brand: NOPPOO
  • Model: Mini84
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Whether mechanical keyboard: yes
  • Color Classification: [CHERRY axis] 84 white black shaft [GATERON axis] 84 black tea axis [CHERRY axis] 84 Black red axis [CHERRY axis] 84 white green axis [GATERON axis] 84 Black red axis [GATERON axis] 84 black black CHERRY shaft axis [84] [CHERRY white tea shaft axis 84 white red axis] [84] CHERRY black black shaft axis [84] axis GATERON black green axis axis] 84 [CHERRY black tea axis [84] GATERON white black shaft axis
  • Whether to support Plug and Play: Support
  • Connection: Cable
  • Is there a multimedia function keys: There are
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Whether to support ergonomics: Support
  • Condition: New


84 key keyboard line is not a separate line, are one; tight between the shaft and the new keyboard keycap, for keycap time to note, do not use pull profits, we recommend a jog slowly pull; new keyboard do not recommend you pull Cap, we recommended period of time in exchange.

84 Black Series keycap is due pom material, rather hard, Abrasives plus 'Easy degreasing agent' cause shift, backspace, carriage return, so keycap colors and other keys keycap have color, this is normal.

Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao belongs to remote areas, it is not range, you need to make up the difference, oh!!!

friendly reminder:

84 is a series of white keycap PBT material is POM black material; keyboard: Length 320mm * Width 130mm * high 35mm (including keycap height) is compatible with MAC system (typing is no problem, fast multimedia mac and volume adjustment may not necessarily be perfectly compatible )!

Today to give us a Noppoo Choc Mini 84 conflict-free portable mechanical keyboard series GATERON / good Darrow axis mechanical keyboard series, shaft and CHERRY / cherry axis as is also divided into: black, tea, green, red four kinds of shaft.

Gateron, Chinese name is called good Darrow, is coming domestic axis. A Great Cause and inextricably say Ming unclear relationship, also known as A shaft.
G axis contacts at the cost of using a greater than twice the C-axis thickness of the gold layer, pressed gold alloy contacts, rather than low-cost gold-plated laboratory tests of its service life than the difference between the C-axis, according to 50 million times still normal triggered strike next chart you can see the contact of the G axis than the C-axis large circle, a gold layer covers the entire contact. shrapnel is also thicker than doubled, to solve the C-axis flexible frangible pins old problems.

Gateron black shaft:

The difference between black shaft axis and G axis little black cherry, straight up and down feeling, but the initial pressure is slightly larger than a cherry black shaft.

Gateron red axis:

Black shaft and the red shaft G axis have adopted the straight up and down hand with cherry shaft little difference, but the red axis of pressure grams is also very close to the cherry red shafts, in feel, if not stated, the average gamer feel the difference .

Gateron tea axis:

Tea and cherry of the G axis of the shaft axis feel like tea, but said G axis continues to improve, to make a strong sense of the paragraph tea axis.

Gateron green axis:

Green axis G-axis is 80g heavy blue than green axis axis cherry lot heavier springs back playing too fast, similar feel cherry green axis, but the sound is not crisp green axis, but substantially similar feel and cherry Green Axis .

Gateron white axis:

White axes are linear axes G axis, similar to the kind of straight up and down the black shaft by spring feel the difference G-axis C-axis contrast between the little and feel. A special feature is the axis 35g of white than red shaft further to soft even light, you can use a 'soft without bone' to describe. If the red axis is based on cotton, the white shaft is to press the cotton candy, gently 'wipe' to sink, and it's too soft. for those who are too tired red axis may be very happy, but for me this game to play with black shaft ten hours not feel tired, it refers to the great King, not heavy taste!

These Noppoo Choc Mini 84 conflict-free portable mechanical keyboard series Gateron /Best Darrow axis mechanical keyboard packaging using kraft paper packaging environmentally friendly low-key, not like CHERRY shaft series, as printed on the packaging is Noppoo the logo, materials and workmanship process CHERRY Shaft Series keyboard is the same out of a factory, after all, at an affordable price.

Oh, the keyboard comes with a lot of the same: silicone dust cover, pulling key device, product warranty cards, product brochures, everything is complete!

About POM keycap Material: English polyoxymethylene (abbreviated POM) Chinese raw material called poly A Tsuen, also known as polyethylene oxide methine materials. Properties with wear (anti Dayou) than an ordinary ABS anti-wear material keycaps (Dayou).

84 white pbt keycap series:

Noppoo Choc Mini portable mechanical keyboard conflict-free

Noppoo Choc Mini portable mechanical keyboard conflict-free black POM EDITION (Black shaft green axis, tea-axis, the red axis)

- Cherry mechanical switches, maintaining feel.
- USB port under the keyboard conflict-free support gamers choice.
- Work fine solid, POM laser engraving Cap, comfort and durability.
- QWEASD position humane multimedia functions to reduce palm movement.
- WIN shielding effectively reduce misuse.
- A key switch Ctrl, Cap function to facilitate the part of the compiled software users.
- Narrow frame design equidistant sides of 6 mm, visual appearance.
- Key steps, gradually short keycap design ergonomic layout, lower keyboard height, get rid of the keyboard palm rest.

- Digital Zone function is turned on NUM digital area for normal use.
- 65% of the 84 keys keyboard design overall width of less than 32 cm wide, easy to carry, for the mouse and mouse pad leaving more space for movement.
- Normal use of non-human damage, one year warranty.